Operation Binky Removal :: In Conclusion


In conclusion, I have a few things to say about Operation Binky Removal ::

1. It can be done :: I honestly don’t think there are many kids out there who relied on their binkies as much as Abigail did. I was preparing myself to see her drive off to college with it sticking out of her mouth (ha, that’s a funny image). I never thought we’d be strong enough to take it away and endure a few days of pain. Luckily for me, I was wrong.  And if we could do it, you can too. Trust me.

2. Be creative with your plan :: my biggest piece of advice (other than to stay strong when you’ve made the decision to take a pacifier away completely) is to get creative and figure out a way for your kid to be involved in the process. I truly believe that one of the reasons our experiment was so successful in such a short amount of time is because Abby was able to understand it and she was able to actively participate.

3. Most importantly, the binky has landed. It made it to Atlanta two days after Abby sent it off and when we received the picture of Emmy getting it out of the mail, Abby’s face lit up like it was Christmas morning. She was THRILLED.

Bye-bye San Francisco…


Hellooooo Atlanta…


We did it (and thanks for all the help, Emmy!)!

And as I mentioned the other day, I’ll be writing a “how-to” on pacifier removal that’s much less long-winded than this series. Stay tuned for that.


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  1. April 23, 2013

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