Toddler Style :: Coral and Turquoise


Oh, to be a toddler again.  I feel like it’s the only time in your life where no matter what you have on, it’s pretty much impossible to look anything but cute.

I mean, come on, take a look at what I was able to get away with back in the day – totally wacky yet totally cute all at the same time ::


Gosh, and then you take Abby and throw her in some boots, leggings, a super-short mini skirt, and a lace top and it all just seems to go together perfectly.  At least it all seems to work when you put it on Abby.

I also absolutely love the combo of the bright turquoise leggings and the coral top – it’s such a pleasant pairing (especially when you add in the dirt on the knees from playing outside).


IMG_0620 IMG_0609

Get the Look

Lace Top :: Old Navy (the coral color is perfect)

Leggings :: FabKids (thanks, Scotty!)

Mini Skirt :: FabKids as well (thanks, Scotty!)

Boots :: Baby Gap (she’s had them for over a year now, so I highly doubt they exist anymore)

As always, the more color and personality, the better!

Have a great weekend!


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2 Responses

  1. Starr says:

    Love this outfit!! The coral and turquoise look gorgeous on her! Are you on Instagram? Would love to follow you girls! I’m whos_that_mom

    • 7x7xMommy says:

      Hi (sorry for the slow replies, by the way – I was traveling with Baby Mac)! Yes, I’m FINALLY on Instagram…I’m 7x7xMommy (how original, right?) – I’m going to go look for you now!

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