Toddler Style (& Baby Style) :: Perfect for Spring

The weather in San Francisco last week was unbelievable. It was honest to goodness springtime weather. The sky was blue, the birds were chirping (at least I think I heard some amongst the sounds of the garbage trucks and fire engines), and I actually felt warm when I walked outside. The 70+ degree weather (and for anyone who’s reading this thinking “that’s spring-like weather!?”, that’s H.O.T. for San Francisco). It’s downright tropical for San Francisco.

Needless to say, the girls and I took advantage of it (well, they did – I just switched out my long yoga pants for my cropped yoga pants and called it a day).

Here was one of Mackenzie’s looks ::



I live for the kind of weather that allows me to dress these little ladies in clothing that exposes all their perfect rolls (well, at least Mac’s rolls – Abby doesn’t have rolls to speak of anymore). It just makes me so happy.

And here was her outfit (a sunsuit – at least I think that’s what it is…I hope I have it right – Malinda, feel free to correct me!) the previous day ::



Don’t you want to just squeeze those perfectly plump arms!?

Abby loved the warm weather as well. We were able to break out her “Atlanta clothes” (meaning, the clothes we buy for our trips to Atlanta where the weather is ACTUALLY hot!). I love when it’s warm enough here to break them out.

She rocked an adorable romper one day (the colors are beautiful) ::


IMG_0334 IMG_0302

And a super cute chambray-inspired dress the day before (her favorite part is the neon bow!) ::

IMG_0275 IMG_0284

Fingers crossed we have many more beautiful days this spring and summer to enjoy! And as always, when it comes to Abby and Mac’s style, the more color and personality, the better!

Get the Look(s)

Mac’s 1st Outfit:: Babies R Us “Koala Baby” brand (this romper was Abby’s a couple years ago, so I couldn’t find the same one online, but they have other cute options like this super colorful romper – it would be perfect for a trip to Mexico!)

Mac’s 2nd Outfit:: Carter’s Sunsuit (this particular one isn’t around anymore either because it was Abby’s back in the day, but Carter’s always has awesome stuff – here’s my current favorite)

Abby’s 1st Outfit:: Old Navy (love Old Navy – sadly, I couldn’t find this one online anymore, but I found another Romper that’s a must-have for Abby’s wardrobe :: Linen-Blend Eyelet-Trim Romper)

Abby’s 2nd Outfit :: Target Cherokee® Infant Toddler Girls’ A-Line Dress (it’s $12.00!!!)

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