Paging Dr. Abby

I’m really hoping our next trip to the doctor’s office will be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved (as opposed to the tortuous, screaming, flailing experiences of past visits). I think it’s safe to say someone’s warmed up to the idea of what a doctor does.





You see, somewhere between absolutely hating going to the doctor and now being obsessed with playing doctor, Abigail had a change of heart.  I honestly think it might have been the episode of Sesame Street where Elmo teaches kids all about going to the doctor (an episode Abby somehow purchased all by herself on Kiki’s Kindle – Mom, we still owe you for that!).

Ever since her change of heart, she’s been referring to herself as “Doctor Abby” and she even sings her very own Doctor Abby theme song (where she references eyes, noses, ears, etc…all the parts of the body she examines).  It’s been amazing to watch.  She collects sticks outside and turns them into Doctor Abby tools. She’s even become so thorough that we’re instructed to take “deep breaths.”  My favorite part is that the whole family gets flu shots on a daily basis. You can never be too careful, I suppose.



Luckily enough for Abby, the Easter Bunny was informed of this new passion and brought Abby her very own kit, the B. Dr. Doctor kit. She’s only had it a few days, but she’s obsessed with it (and when she saw the Easter Bunny on Sunday, she was sure to thank him for her new toys).  She didn’t get too close to him, of course, but she waved and yelled her thanks from afar.


She wears her stethoscope everywhere and packs her tools up before we head out for walks, play dates, and the YMCA. She even tried to bring everything into music class this morning. I (thankfully) convinced her that her tools needed to nap in the car while she enjoyed class.

Long story short, Doctor Abby is entertaining beyond words. Fingers crossed she enjoys our next trip to the pediatrician’s office and who knows…maybe she’ll end up being a “real” Doctor someday – it would be perfectly fitting.

Paging Dr. Abby…



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3 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    You forgot that she even gives check-ups over the Internet, via Skype!
    She is a true pro with the best bedside manner I have ever seen 🙂
    Love her dearly!
    Paging Dr. Abby 🙂 🙂

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