Dear Abby, Happy 2nd Birthday!

Abby - 1.20.13

Abby – 1.20.13


Dear Abby,

I’ll start out just as I did last year by saying Happy Birthday!  You’re our big 2 year old now (and you made Mommy SO proud this morning when Teacher El asked how old you were and you quickly responded “two” in your super sweet toddler voice after repeatedly saying you are “three” for the past 5 days straight. I’m beginning to think you just say that at home to make me laugh and when it’s time to “impress” others, you turn on your A-game. You would do that, you little nut!). 

The second thing I said to you last year was “thank you.”  This year, all I have to say is holy moly.


Holy moly…never in a million years did I think a 2 year old was capable of having such a monstrous personality, such a fantastic sense of humor, or such a strong opinion on which song she wants to sing or which book she wants to read or which blueberry she wants to eat (because apparently the two sitting next to each other are in no way equal).

Last year I thanked you for helping me become a more patient person and it’s a really good thing that happened because this year, our patience has been tested day in and day out with your somewhat hilarious tantrums that are incredibly hard not to laugh at sometimes.  It’s been tested when we have a disagreement about when it’s time to leave the park. It’s been tested when you refuse to eat anything other than milk for a week (doctor told us not to worry because she was just trying to “be like her little sister”).  It’s been tested and tested and tested some more.  And right when I’m about to throw my arms in the air, you do something so incredibly sweet, hilarious, or _____ (fill in the blank with anything charming here), and I can’t help but get a new wave of patience and understanding.

Holy moly…how on earth have you not seriously injured yourself this year?  I must say, I’m incredibly proud of how adventurous and fearless you are (that’s my girl!), but sometimes you scare me half to death with the stunts you pull at the park.  As a parent, you have a tendency to overprotect and worry, but I made a promise to myself a long time ago that I was going to let you explore and climb and play with the big kids (and worry silently while putting on a brave face). Luckily enough for me, this has worked to my advantage because you’ve become so amazingly bold and brave and you’re quick to dust yourself off and try again (that puts a song in my head…but I digress). Only you would eat it at the park one day and the next day go right back to where you fell over to try the same obstacle again.  Your persistence is going to take you far.

the injury one day

the injury one day

the scene of the crime the next day

the scene of the crime the next day

Last year I said this ::  I always had a feeling parenting was going to be this challenging…but I never had any idea it was going to be this rewarding.

This year, I couldn’t agree more with that statement.

Every day presents a new challenge but it rewards us both with so much more.  This year has been amazing. You perfected walking, running, and sprinting (too fast in some places). You’ve become a fantastic little signer and dancer and I swear I’m not just saying that because I’m your Mom – your tone is incredible for a 2 year old. Your words have become clearer by the day and you’re rambling on and on about some things we understand and others we don’t. This new form of communication has eliminated tantrums and frustration and hearing you say a new word (or 10) every day makes us so proud.

Holy moly Abby, you have amazed us with what a loving, nurturing, and selfless big sister you’ve become in 2.5 short months. Last year I confessed I was nervous to become your Mommy because I wasn’t sure how I’d do. This year I have to say I was nervous to become a Mommy of two because I wasn’t sure I could handle it and because I wasn’t sure how you would react. I had high hopes that you’d be loving, but you’ve truly knocked my socks off, little lady. Your little sister is the luckiest girl I know in having you as her big sister.




I can see it now…you’re going to teach her everything you know, you’re going to protect her, you’re going to include her, and you better teach her all your stellar dance moves. Our kitchen dance parties are going to be unreal in a few months.  I can’t wait.

Because of you, Abby, becoming a Mommy of two has been a smooth transition because you’ve quickly become my little helper and you truly seem to take pride in that. It’s so fun to watch you take on more responsibilities both out of necessity and desire. Once again, you make me so proud.

We certainly have our moments and our meltdowns (and you and I both know I’m not just talking about you and Mac…), but just as I’m quick to pick you up and hug you after a tantrum, you’re quick to frown when I’m sad and your little frown face can only make me smile from ear to ear.


You’re still my little best friend. Your smile has only become more infectious over this past year. Your big personality has helped me become a more outgoing person. And your heart is so incredibly big. It would be impossible to not love every single thing, good and challenging, about you.

Yet again, I have to repeat myself from last year as I sign off…

All I can ask of you in the years to come is to simply keep being Abigail.  You’re smart, sweet, hilarious, and beautiful from the inside out.  Daddy and I can’t wait to watch you grow up.


Abby…Happy Birthday. And once again, holy moly. It’s absolutely impossible to imagine a world without you in it.

Love you forever,

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8 Responses

  1. Megan B.B. says:

    AH! TWO!!!
    Happy Birthday, big girl!

  2. Chris says:

    Simply put, 🙂
    I am so overjoyed that you are adoring and loving your birthday girl, Abby, and your little Mac as much as you and your bro were adored and loved, dearly!
    This is only the beginning 🙂

  3. starlam says:

    So beautiful 🙂

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