Favorites from our Newborn Photo Shoot

It’s taken me a while to get around to sharing these (I wonder why that could be…), but I figured it’s better late than never.  It’s crazy to think she was only 6 days old in these pictures…what a little beauty (I’m obviously not biased at all).

James-Family-Mackenzie-Newborn-Nicole-Paulson-Photography-10001-copy James-Family-Mackenzie-Newborn-Nicole-Paulson-Photography-10003-copy James-Family-Mackenzie-Newborn-Nicole-Paulson-Photography-10049-copy

I think it’s safe to say she takes after her sister.



I’m sure many of you checked out the sneak peek I posted about a few weeks ago, but I wanted to take a minute to share some of our other favorite photos from our Newborn session with Nicole Paulson.  Yet again, we’re very happy with the results and we look forward to our 1 year shoot in approximately 10 months.

Thanks Nicole!

James-Family-Mackenzie-Newborn-Nicole-Paulson-Photography-10069-copy James-Family-Mackenzie-Newborn-Nicole-Paulson-Photography-10067-copy James-Family-Mackenzie-Newborn-Nicole-Paulson-Photography-10080-copy James-Family-Mackenzie-Newborn-Nicole-Paulson-Photography-10056-copy James-Family-Mackenzie-Newborn-Nicole-Paulson-Photography-10028-copy James-Family-Mackenzie-Newborn-Nicole-Paulson-Photography-10038-copy James-Family-Mackenzie-Newborn-Nicole-Paulson-Photography-10029-copy James-Family-Mackenzie-Newborn-Nicole-Paulson-Photography-10044-copy James-Family-Mackenzie-Newborn-Nicole-Paulson-Photography-10014-copy James-Family-Mackenzie-Newborn-Nicole-Paulson-Photography-10008-copy

*** Learn more about Nicole and her work here ::  Facebook :: here, Website :: and here, Blog ***

Stay tuned for an update later in the week after we have Mac’s 2 month appointment on Wednesday!


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