Yesterday, I was Supermom!

Every once in a while you have a day where you really need to give yourself a pat on the back and for me, that day was yesterday.  I honestly felt like Supermom (most days I just feel like a good to potentially great Mom with a few moments here or there of being a so-so Mom). 

I felt bold, brave, and adventurous. I felt like both my girls were not only happy, but super stoked to be spending time with me. I was Supermom!

Mackenzie was a rock star who spent most of her awake time just staring at me or her sister. The rest of the time she was either eating or sleeping. We had zero major meltdowns. Supermom.

Abigail was happy as a clam when Mommy decided and announced that we were capable of loading ourselves into the car by 8:30am to head to music class, her favorite activity of the week.  We conquered that activity AND we were out in the afternoon for nearly two hours, running errands and spending an hour of that time at the park.  Abigail was in heaven and I, once again, felt like Supermom toting around my shockingly heavy 3.5 week old and my extremely energetic 22 month old.

Abigail even ate well yesterday.  She was eating apples, and Trader Joe’s chicken nuggets, and maybe a couple small pieces of chocolate with Mommy, and…well, she was eating and after a week or two of only drinking milk (yes, that was her version of regression when Mackenzie arrived), I felt like a Supermom who finally had the power to feed a finicky eater.

To top it all off, my amazing husband (aka – Superdad) came home early enough for me, Supermom for the day, to head to the gym, shower for the first time in a few days (don’t judge), and then head off for a mani/pedi and a girls night out. I not only felt like Supermom at that point, but I felt like I was Superhuman for the first time in a LONG time (not that I feel superhuman very often, but I think what I’m trying to say is that I was finally feeling a little “normal” after having Mac).

Here’s a little shot of the girls hanging out with their Daddy while I was away (and yes, Mac has a VERY strong neck…so did Abby…I guess we grow ’em strong!). Superkids!  🙂

abby and mac_12.4.12

Yesterday, I was Supermom…

Today, I’m feeling pretty much back to normal as a good to potentially great Mom with a few moments of being so-so (there are toys and books EVERYWHERE, I haven’t cleaned the dishes from this morning’s breakfast, Abby ate sort of okay this morning, Mac had a REALLY hard time falling asleep, I had the TV on for a bit this morning for a few minutes of quiet, and the list goes on…), but that’s why I had to celebrate my day of amazing-ness.

The good thing is that I’m getting more and more brave by the day and I hope I’ll have more days that felt like yesterday in the near future!

OK…time to pump while they’re both asleep…


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