Second Pregnancy :: Week 40

Second Pregnancy :: Week 40
(who woulda thunk it?!?)

UPDATE :: well, at this point we all know that the Membrane Sweep didn’t work for me.  As we got closer and closer to the 48 hour mark, I knew it wasn’t going to happen.  After the initial cramping and three contractions, everything settled back down and Mac decided that the belly was exactly where she wanted to be for the weekend.

Yesterday, Sunday, is when I officially starting feeling very uncomfortable. Walking is getting more difficult (and lightening crotch is getting more painful)…energy levels are extremely low…and mentally I was ready for Mac two weeks ago so my own ridiculous expectations have begun to drive me nuts (and I had my very first real pregnant lady meltdown yesterday afternoon where I started crying out of the blue and I couldn’t stop…it was absolutely silly in retrospect).

I’m feeling better today both mentally and physically, but I’m more than ready to get this labor process rolling and to meet Mac. She’ll be here in no time, I know…but each hour that passes literally feels like an eternity because I’m just SO excited for her to come out!

Age of baby #1:
21.5 months (which will make them ~21.5 months apart)

How far along:
40 weeks

How big is baby:
the size of a jackfruit (???)

Weight gain:
3 lbs. (for a total weight gain of 37 lbs :: 10 lbs more than I gained with Abby…so far)

Maternity clothes:
I’m still wearing the same stuff…yoga pants, tank tops, maternity jeans, etc…yesterday I was even able to wear shorts because the weather in San Francisco has been unbelievable!

Stretch marks:

Belly button:
Outtie, I guess.

Sleep is getting worse by the night because I lay awake more and more wondering when the heck Mac is going to arrive (and yes, I’m driving myself nuts).  Abby has also been having a harder time falling asleep this week so I’ve been spending extra cuddle time with her (which I’m honestly enjoying because I know everything’s about to change). My little love muffin ::

Best moment of the week:
Getting a mani / pedi on Saturday with little Momma at Milk + … I feel ready…and I LOVE the color I selected (for once…my one manicure every 6 months doesn’t exactly make me a very good color selector).  You can see the color in the picture above…it’s Essie #730 :: Merino Cool.  Makes me feel cool.   haha

Food cravings:

Food aversions:


  1. Exhaustion & Insanity :: those are official symptoms, right?
  2. Still Itchy Itchy ITCHY
  3. Mac is sitting LOW
  4. Lightening Crotch
  5. Puffiness and swelling on occasion
  6. Dark line on my belly
  7. Clothes aren’t fitting well
  8. Mild heartburn
  9. Red spots on my arms, chest, and face.
  10. Nesting (yes, I’m still coming up with new things to do)

Her movements have become much slower and less frequent…I think she’s running out of space (and hopefully preparing to come out!).

GIRL :: Mackenzie Marie!!!

What I’m looking forward to:

What I’m nervous about:
Having to be induced.

What I miss:
Feeling like I have any control over anything.

Next appointment:
November 8th…UGH

Comparison to Pregnancy #1:
There is no comparison to Pregnancy #1…I had Abigail 5 days early so she was already out in the world. Here’s a photo of my little sweet pea way back then ::

7x7xMommy / Second Pregnancy

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8 Responses

  1. chris sandman says:

    You have been great Alison!!!!!

  2. Megan B.B. says:

    Oh my! You look super duper cute, if that makes you feel any better? 🙂

    • 7x7xMommy says:

      haha, that makes me feel a little better, thanks Megan! I’m still shocked Mac isn’t here though! hahaha…one of these days she’ll make her appearance. 🙂

  3. Ciara says:

    oh my goodness the waiting is so so tough. hang in there, I bet it will get going any minute!!!
    ps you do look great – don’t even look uncomfortable! I’m only 31 wks and starting to feel very unwieldy..

    • 7x7xMommy says:

      I’m still hoping it’ll get going any minute! 🙂 Whenever I have the slightest feeling of something…anything…I get excited…and then it fades away. haha…she’ll be here in no time, I’m sure!

  4. Verna says:

    My 2nd was 5 days late! I was very ornery the day before my due date and the day of my due date. After that, I just mentally prepared myself to be pregnant for awhile longer. She came when she was ready and everything went much more smoothly than with my first. It’s hard being overdue. Hang in there. I always tell myself that the longer they stay in there the bigger they are and better they’ll sleep. Ha! Good luck!

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