Waiting for Baby Mac (+ Membrane Sweeping)

It’s funny to think that it was almost a week ago that I wrote a post called “The Waiting Game” and here I am still waiting for baby Mac to show some interest in coming out.

As most of you know, I was convinced she’d be making an early appearance since Abigail did.  Let me just say this…when we go to have baby #3, I will tell myself that there’s absolutely no way the baby is going to come out before week 41.  I need to set my expectations more realistically so there’s not this long, drawn out, painfully slow waiting period (though I’m sure by the time I’m at the end of my third pregnancy, I’ll be ready for the little rascal to come out at 37 weeks!). 

Anyway, we’re just going about business as usual.

We had soccer practice this morning ::

We ate some yummy ghirardelli chocolate after lunch ::

We’ve been practicing our drumming skills ::

And we’ve been playing at the park ::

We’re just doing everything we possibly can to keep busy and distracted.  Travis and I even plan on going on a date tonight…dinner and a movie…maybe that will inspire Mac to come out (specifically, sitting in an uncomfortable chair for three hours)!

My 39 + week appointment yesterday went well.  I am still measuring right on, Mac’s heart beat sounds great, I was able to report that I lost my mucus plug last Saturday (which obviously meant nothing in my case), I’m still 3cm dilated, I’m 25% effaced, and they did something called “Sweeping the Membranes” which is something that could potentially speed up the labor process by releasing some hormones that tell my body the baby’s ready to make her journey into the world.

After some cramping and a handful of lackluster contractions last night, all symptoms officially disappeared by morning (minus some lower back pain that I’ve been having for a few days now anyway).  They say that if the sweeping works, it’ll happen (Mac will be activated) between 24-48 hours after having it done.  It’s officially been 26 hours and nothing has happened.  I’m still hopeful, but not nearly as hopeful as I was yesterday afternoon.

Out of curiosity, have any of you had your membranes swept?  Any success stories!?  Any less than successful stories!?

I honestly believe baby Mac will arrive whenever the heck she feels like it and right now is not the time!

Gosh, and then I need to remind myself that it isn’t even my due date yet (which Travis and my brother like to remind me of…good old guys, they’re just sooooooooooo rational…maybe they should try being pregnant for a few days). I still have 3 more days to then be allowed to feel like this is taking forever.

For now, I can’t complain (too much).  I can just be anxious and curious and hopeful that within the next few days, we’ll be holding our new little lady in our arms and all this waiting will be a distant memory.

I won’t lie though…in the moment, it’s really hard to remain patient!

We’re so ready to meet you, baby Mac!


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10 Responses

  1. AllSawyer says:

    So close!! I was in the middle of week 41 when they did that to me. NOT fun. It was around 12:30pm and by 4pm I was having small contractions…. and then I had Sawyer the next morning. I’ve heard that laughing helps. She will be here so soon!!

    • 7x7xMommy says:

      haha, then maybe Travis and I should go see a comedy tonight 🙂 When I was laughing really hard last night, it felt like a baby could come out…so you’re right, maybe I should just keep that up! Thanks for the feedback!!

      • AllSawyer says:

        If anything it will make this waiting for enjoyable!
        Brian and my sister in law also had me doing a lot of old wives tales to induce. Jumping up and down and walking on uneven surfaces. I’m not sure if it did anything, but at the very least, it provided a lot of entertainment.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good luck! and hope for your sake the membrane sweeping works. A week “overdue” and two appts of membrane sweeping… i was eventually induced. Do not recommend that route… waiting would have been much better in retrospect! Can’t wait to see the newest addition and still meet Abby! Thinking of you guys and sending lots of positive vibes for an easy labor!

    • 7x7xMommy says:

      Thanks Lucy! We’re definitely hoping for an easy delivery as well…fingers crossed it all happens before I lose my mind completely. 🙂

  3. Lindsay says:

    My best friend had her membranes stripped and she went into full on labor that night. I, on the other hand, had mine stripped twice and my baby was still 13 days late and induced. I think it’s different for everyone but here’s hoping your like my friend and it works for you!

  4. Megan B.B. says:

    I had my membranes swept. Didn’t work. But V was stuck in there for the long haul and it took surgery to get her out, so I’m a bad example.

  1. November 5, 2012

    […] :: well, at this point we all know that the Membrane Sweep didn’t work for me.  As we got closer and closer to the 48 hour mark, I knew it wasn’t […]

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