Halloween 2012

What’s a great way to keep yourself distracted when you’re 5 days away from your due date and you can’t help but wonder when baby will arrive!?!

Dress up for Halloween!

To be completely honest, I put about 30 seconds of thought into Halloween this year because I was convinced we’d have a newborn at this point, but thank goodness for my wonderful husband who decided we needed to be prepared…just in case.  He put my Mom and I in charge of the theme (which was easy when I looked down at Abby’s standard boots :: Indian Princess) and in charge of finding Abby’s costume, and then he took it upon himself to shop for Mommy and Daddy.

At the last minute (on Sunday), he was able to round up a dress for me (non-maternity that just so happened to stretch over my belly) and a solid look for himself…and when he got home at 4:30pm yesterday afternoon, we got ready, took some pictures, and headed out.

We transformed quickly into The James Family Tribe ::

What a great time!

I mean, I have to be 100% honest :: trick-or-treating in San Francisco is WEIRDI grew up in the suburbs where you go from door to door, say trick-or-treat, and mosey on your way with a huge group of people who are dressed up.  That was my “normal.”

Here, you go from store-to-store (yes, store to store), say “I wonder if they have candy here!?!”, and mosey down the street with a few kids who are dressed up, a few adults who look at you like you’re nuts for still dressing up, and a few people commuting to and from work or their workouts.

Bizarre. Bizarre, but fun.

We’re so happy we took the time and made the effort and our little Indian Princess had a blast (and as usual, Mommy and Daddy had a blast as well…we would never miss a good opportunity to dress up!). 

All in all, it was another successful Halloween for the James Family!

Happy November!


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4 Responses

  1. chris sandman says:

    We sure did a lot of laughing last night :), which can be dangerous for a very pregnant lady…hee hee hee 🙂

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