Packing my Hospital Bag (the 2nd time around)

One of the major checklist items when you get down to the final month in your pregnancy is “packing your hospital bag.”  I failed to check this item off the list until I’d already gone into labor with Abigail (at which point I crawled around on the floor, mid-contractions, trying to assemble things that made sense), so this time around I decided to get it taken care of early.

Everyone will have their own opinions about what you should pack and there are a gazillion sample lists out there (here are a couple :: the bump :: lil sugar :: baby center), but I’m allllllll about simplicity.  I packed only what I will really need and what I will actually use (which I actually did a pretty good job of last time as well, but this time I have even less…what can I say, I’m pretty darn low maintenance and I know the hospital will provide almost everything for me).  

Plus, why ruin my stuff when I can ruin their stuff that’s meant to be ruined!?

Anyway, here’s my bag ::

  • Lululemon duffel bag (it’s probably 4+ years old and I take it on all my trips)

Here’s what’s in my bag ::

  • Josie Maran Argan Balm (hospitals are dry…this will keep me nice and moisturized…and I love ANYTHING Josie Maran…I think I’m close to owning the entire line – told you Malinda!  haha)

  • Happy Monkey Slippers (I wore the same ones when I was in labor with Abby so I’m bringing them again – all the nurses told me not to so they wouldn’t get “ruined,” but they survived just fine and I’m sure they will this time around as well…plus, they were $10.00 and I’ve never worn them in between pregnancies so I’m not entirely worried about ruining them)

  • Going home outfit for Mac (three options depending on how big she is and depending on which polka dots are speaking to us that day – thanks to Christopher and Malinda for the loaner clothes!!!)

  • Swaddle and Blanket for Mac

  • 2 granola bars (I probably won’t eat these, but just in case…Travis could always eat them!)

  • Small camera (just in case our monster camera and iPhones and iPads aren’t enough)
  • File folder (it has our Power of Attorney, Insurance Info, and any other paperwork pertaining to Mac…and yes, it was labeled #2 until we chose her name…nice and personalized)

Here’s what I still need to pack ::

  • makeup (because while I may be low maintenance, it doesn’t mean I want to feel like I was hit by a truck when people come to visit us…I will most definitely be wearing mascara at the very least)

  • wallet
  • iPhone, charger, big camera, charger, iPad (with fancy new case from Travis as part of my push present…yes, before I push Mac out), charger

Here’s what Travis needs to pack (not much because if we forget anything, we’re only 8 minutes away from home) ::

  • clothes
  • iPad, charger, camera, charger, phone, charger (lots of chargers!) :: basically, he’s in charge of all things electronic
  • toiletries

Here’s what’s in the car ::

  • infant car seat
  • presents :: Mac to Abby and Abby to Mac

Here’s what the hospital will provide me (things that are on some of these lists that I simply won’t need) ::

  • huge pads for all the post-baby bleeding (lovely, I know)
  • diapers, wipes, vaseline, clothes for Mac
  • those big mesh undies (which people complain about and I have no idea why…the ones at CPMC were perfectly fine and it didn’t matter at ALL if they were ruined)
  • a ratty robe
  • ice packs, ice packs, and more ice packs

And I think that just about sums it up…that’s what I’ve packed and what I will be packing!

Am I missing any super important items?!  I’m all ears!


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7 Responses

  1. Piper's Run says:

    Extra hair elastics and lip balm.
    I have my bag 1/2 packed and other then clothing can’t figure out what I am missing at this point. I’m 34 weeks tomorrow – still early – but we had our first at 36 weeks 2 days so I’m wanting my bag done very soon – just in case.
    Good luck.

  2. Jen Thomas says:

    Awe, what did you decide on for the presents?

  3. Malinda says:

    You need to write a post on your Josie Maran finds before Mac pops out! I need some new stuff – my tinted moisturizer has almost run out! I will say the 100% pure oil is way too heavy for fine hair like mine.

    • 7x7xMommy says:

      Okay I’ll try! I will work on taking some pics…I’ve love ALL the products minus one (which I’ll share) and I agree, the oil is too much for my hair too, but I love it on my face (I’ve been SUPER moisturized lately)…haha…stay tuned!

  1. November 13, 2012

    […] time we were home for a total of an hour and I had no time to do anything at home (good thing my bag was packed this time […]

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