The Waiting Game

Take a glance over to the right side of the page.  What does it say?  That’s right…9 Days until Baby Mac’s Due Date.  We’re officially in the single digits and I’m officially feeling extremely impatient.

I know some people are thinking “just enjoy the time you have with Abby now” and others are thinking “just be patient…she’ll come when she’s ready,” but I’m thinking that I’m just ready to meet her and that patience isn’t my strong suit (and that anyone who’s been almost 39 weeks pregnant knows exactly what I’m talking about when I say that I’m ready!).

What I’m looking forward to is seeing Abby interact with Mac. I know we’ll have our challenges and setbacks and that they’re not going to be “playing” together for a while still, but I really think it’s going to be so fun to see Abby with Mac once she’s made her journey outside of the womb.

Abby’s been spending her evenings sitting on my lap singing to Mac…she talks to Mac and about babies all the time…she’s been practicing turning Mac’s toys and swings on and off…and she just seems ready to be a big sister.

Gosh, then there are the 101 other reasons I’m ready to have Mac anytime now…

  • we extended my Mom’s flight a few more days and the time is ticking down yet again (meaning Mac will literally arrive the day she leaves)
  • my “nesting” / to-do list is 99% complete (still need to pack my makeup bag when we head to the hospital) and I have done about 30 extra small projects that have been at the bottom of the list thanks to all the help from my Mom being here (framing pictures, filling out my entire pregnancy journal, buying pads for post-baby, etc…)
  • when I walk I have a whole lot of so-called “lightening crotch” going on…awesome
  • my legs are one size in the morning and about five sizes larger by the end of the day
  • I’m more than ready to meet my baby girl!
  • etc, etc, etc…

For now, I’ll go back to enjoying a day full of Stanford Football, Giants Baseball, hanging out with my Mom and Travis, and of course, spending as much quality time as possible with this little darling ::

Here’s to hoping the waiting game ends relatively soon!


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