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As I mentioned earlier today in my 38 Week post, we attended another wedding this weekend and I found another fun dress to wear at the event.  The crazy part is where I bought it.  My Mom and I headed down to Westfield in San Francisco on Friday and when we looked at the directory, H&M was listed under the “Maternity” section.

Who knew!?!

We headed over there with extremely low expectations (because if H&M excels in dressing teenagers, you have to wonder what their Maternity style might have in store).  Initially, we thought they had nothing to offer (because I looked super fast and gave up after thinking they only had casual clothes) and then was pleasantly surprised when my Mom pulled a dress that had potential (way to go, little Momma!).  Here’s the final result (with a little help from my adorable munchkin) ::

The best part about it was that the color was fantastic (and a nice departure from all the black I wear)…oh, and it had sleeves which made me feel SO much better about all the annoying red spots I have all over my upper arms.

Gosh, and at 9 months pregnant, it’s the little things like sleeves that make such a HUGE difference in how you feel about yourself!

Bottom line here is that I want all my pregnant friends (and those who are thinking of getting pregnant) to know that H&M has a Maternity Wear line that actually seems to have some super cute pieces.  I wish I had known this much earlier because who knew that you could get a super cute and stylish dress to wear to a wedding for $34.95!?!

Happy shopping, friends!


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  1. amaya says:

    You look beautiful!!!! Love it. 🙂

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