What Are We Missing?! (Preparing for Baby #2)

This upcoming Sunday has officially been labeled “Prep for Mac Day” (and yes, there’s a 5 hour block in our calendars accompanied by a to-do list that’s actually shorter than I thought it would be).Β  So as I sit here peacefully while Abby naps away, I can’t help but wonder what we’re missing…???

For all you new parents out there who have been through this more recently than us (and I know there are quite a few of you, so you better help us out if we look terribly unprepared!) and for all you parents of more than one, I’m counting on your input to bulk up our to-do list. haha, and I must say, my 14 Must Have Baby Items (0-6 Months) came in very handy when I was preparing this list!Β  But there must be more…

First, I’ll share what’s already done ::

  • Abby has already transitioned into her big girl bed so Mac has a crib waiting for her
  • Mac’s clothes (aka :: Abby’s hand-me-downs + 1 or 2 new items) are folded and waiting patiently in some drawers
  • Mac has her own diaper stacker and an insane amount of diapers all ready to go
  • We purchased the Double BOB
  • Lovely Marcy has organized a Meal Train for us so friends are already signing up to bring food over once Mac arrives
  • My Mom has already planned her trip out here after Mac’s arrival

Here’s what we need to put together / prepare ::

  • Get bassinet out of storage
  • Get car seat out of storage and install
  • Get swing out of storage
  • Put Double BOB together
  • Pack for hospital (so I’m not crawling around on the floor mid-contractions like I was when I went into labor early with Abby)
  • Get all pumping gear prepared (I bought new tubing and accessories that need to be cleaned, etc)
  • Set up second changing station in bedroom (a life saver the first time around)
  • Readjust the Baby Bjorn to fit a mini baby (like this one below – it’s hard to believe she was ever this small!!!)

And finally, here’s what we need to buy ::

  • Vaseline for Mac’s little buns (haven’t used that stuff on Abby in ages)
  • More wipes
  • Mac’s gift to Abby and Abby’s gift to Mac (probably the stuffed animal we’ll use for monthly photos…the major question is, if Abby’s a Panda lover, what will Mac be!?!?!?!Β  Dilemmas!)
  • A Sophie for Mac

So now I turn it over to you, my friends…is there anything super important that we’re missing!?!

Thanks in advance!


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12 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    How about the carseat attachment for the bob? Nursing clothing? Hooter hider? Maybe lots if little cheap toys for Abby that you can break out if she is needing attention while you’re nursing. Carseat base in car for trip home from hospital? Binkies (Charlie thought of that one)!!!

    • 7x7xMommy says:

      Oh yes, the carseat attachment is still on the single BOB (Abby puts her feet up on it…haha) – good one! My hooter hider (of sorts) just got washed last week so it’s all ready to go! Love the cheap toy idea – I will add to that my “buy” list. And tell Charlie great idea on the binkies. πŸ™‚ We waited until Abby was a month for her to use one (per our doctor’s rec), but we’ll need some new ones around eventually!! Thanks!

      • Sarah says:

        I could be wrong but I think they have a different carseat attachment for the double bob. I’m not 100% sure, though. We never had one. I’ve seen them go all the way across both seats.

  2. Megan B.B. says:

    Catch up on sleep? (aka: take a nap?)

  3. 7x7xMommy says:

    Ohhhh, okay thanks Sarah! I better look into that then πŸ™‚

  4. chris says:

    I am with Megan, nap lady when Abby is down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jennifer says:

    The best advice I got was to have one specific toy that comes out for Abby only when you’re nursing Mac. That way nursing becomes her special time too.

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