Second Pregnancy :: Week 35

Second Pregnancy :: Week 35

Age of baby #1:
20 months (which will make them ~21.5 months apart)

How far along:
35 weeks

How big is baby:
the size of a coconut

Weight gain:
1-2 lbs. (for a total weight gain of 29-30 lbs)

Maternity clothes:
Yoga pants and long tank tops.  I’ve also been wearing lots of Travis’ sweatpants and baggy t-shirts in the evenings…cute!

Stretch marks:

Belly button:
Innie/Outie (still not sure)

Sleep has been better…still not great, but better! Abigail’s been sleeping SO well in her big girl bed – she really, really loves it!  I’m so proud of her and sooooooooooooo happy we won’t have to deal with that once Mac arrives.

Best moment of the week:
Re-filing my filing cabinets on Saturday…strange, but true.  Nothing calms me more than feeling organized. For some reason, now that that project is done, I feel ready for Mac to show up.  Haha…all my paperwork is in order so I can have another baby…obviously!!

Food cravings:
Spaghetti Squash with meat sauce (minus the terrible heartburn it gives me)…oh, and my Kale & Quinoa pilaf which I make a few times a week (and Travis, if you’re reading this, we’ll be having it with dinner again tonight…sorry if you’re getting sick of it…love you!).  It’s actually quite amazing because it’s one of Abby’s favorite meals as well – she LOVES the pine nuts, the goat cheese, and she even loves the kale!

Food aversions:


  1. The dark line on my belly is making an appearance…it’s definitely not as dark as it was last time (so far), but it’s becoming a bit more apparent.
  2. Clothes aren’t fitting well on my belly.
  3. Heartburn is getting a little better thanks to my doctor recommending Pepcid AC.
  4. Red spots on my arms, chest, and face.
  5. Feeling tired.

Active, active, active.

GIRL :: Mackenzie Marie!!!

What I’m looking forward to:
Going to a Wedding in St. Helena this weekend with Travis.  His parents will be taking Abby (thanks in advance to them!!), so we’ll have a little romantic getaway before the big delivery!

What I’m nervous about:
Not fitting into my dress for the wedding on Saturday.  Mac is SO much bigger than Abby was and this dress fit at the very end of my last pregnancy, but who knows if it’ll still work.  Note to self :: try it on before Saturday…in the event it doesn’t fit, I need to give myself time to find something else and not be stressed out (that’s Travis’ voice in my head…he hates it when I’m stressed out about clothing!)!

What I miss:
White wine on a hot Sunday afternoon (like yesterday…it was PERFECT outside) accompanied by some cheese and crackers.  I settled for cool, refreshing water paired with a bacon-topped burger instead.  Still absolutely delicious!

Next appointment:
October 11th (then I’m down to once a week!)

Comparison to Pregnancy #1:
Read about pregnancy #1 here :: The Bump Report :: Week 35. Last but not least, here’s a look at Pregnancy #1 at 35 Weeks.


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