SoccerTots :: Toddler Soccer in San Francisco

As I mentioned back in August, our Fall lineup has been a busy one.  We now attend music class on Tuesdays (review to come), swim lessons on Wednesdays (review to come), and soccer on Fridays (review happening now).  It’s great.  Having activities to attend is wonderful for Abigail and adds some structure to our days (which is wonderful for Mommy).

I wanted to give each class a few tries before writing about them because at our first music class, Abigail stood outside the circle and simply observed, not participating at all…at our first swim lesson, she seemed incredibly skeptical of the water…and at our first soccer practice, she kept running over to her stroller to grab her blankie (note to self – drive to soccer practice and leave the distractions behind!).  Not necessarily the best first week.

But with each class and with each week, she has opened up more and more and the true Abigail has come out to play…

Today’s soccer practice was extra special because Daddy came along, making Abigail extra happy and making Mommy’s job so much easier!!!  We both absolutely love it when Daddy’s around!

Our soccer program of choice is SoccerTots, as suggested by a fellow Mommy who lives across the street from us.   So far, I have no complaints.  Each week, the coaches keep things relatively consistent but also throw in a few curve balls (for example :: there’s always an obstacle course, but each week’s course is different, keeping the kids on their toes!). 

There’s definitely structure to the class but the whole focus is on the toddlers having fun, so if they go running off down the field to pick a flower or chase a plane (some of Abigail’s favorite activities), it’s no big deal at all.

Let’s be honest, how much structure and direction can you really expect a group of 18-24 month old toddlers to follow!?!  Not much…

And while it’s not true “soccer practice” like the kind that begins when they’re older, they’re being exposed to soccer balls, kicking, playing with other kids, and general physical activity…all very fun and important things!

It’ll be fun to see how everything progresses over the remaining 7 weeks (assuming Mac allows us to make all the classes, of course), but I just want to say that I’d definitely recommend signing your little ones up for this super fun activity (just expect a lot of chaos and chasing after your toddlers…and them chasing after you)!


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