The “Big Girl Bed” Transition (Part 5 of ?)

Last Thursday I wrote Part 4 of the “Big Girl Bed” Transition and it was not exactly a glowing review of our week.  It was an honest review, but it was definitely not positive.  By the time Friday night rolled around, I was about to lose my mind (and Travis having a guy’s night didn’t exactly help…but it had been planned for a long time so I couldn’t exactly get too upset about it!).

But hey, I’m here today to write a positive review of the past few days.  Every night since I wrote Part 4 (making it 4 nights in a row), Abigail has slept through the night in her bed without either Mommy or Daddy having to go in and “binky her,” lay with her, or move her somewhere else (like into her crib or into our bed for snuggle time).

We think there were a few contributing factors to this change ::

  1. Bed Rail :: first of all, I purchased a bed rail a week or so ago (that appears to get pretty bad reviews online but it was the only option in the store and it’s worked well for us so far – maybe people just don’t know how to put things together!).  We were going to install it once we got the big girl bed frame, but Travis decided that since half the time we went in to rescue her she was flat on the ground instead of on her mattress, we should probably try to use the rail even with the mattress down low.  Seems like his plan worked because she hasn’t even tried to get out of bed (let alone roll out of bed) in the middle of the night since the installation.
  2. Cold :: she was legitmately not feeling well at all last week (having a hard time breathing, etc), so sleep was not easy.  By Thursday, she was feeling much better so we’re assuming that helped a lot.
  3. Time :: hey, this is a transition…and as I said at the beginning, we knew it wouldn’t happen over night.  It’s now been two weeks since she’s had her bed and we’re hoping that with time, it just gets easier and easier and full night’s of rest become the new normal again.

On another note, we upgraded our baby monitor to this one (thanks for all the recommendations on Facebook, friends!), and we LOVE it.  This morning when we were waiting for her to wake up, we watched her wiggle around in bed and proceed to sit up five different times only to lay back down and hum twinkle twinkle little star to herself.  So cute.

There’s nothing better than a sleeping baby.  haha

In other exciting news, the bed frame just arrived and the Mancini’s delivery guys set up the bed for us!!  I had no idea they would do that…totally made my day.  And it’s one less thing for Travis to have to do tonight!

Once we’ve rearranged things, reinstalled the bed rail, and made the bed, I’ll share some pics.  For now, enjoy this shot of Abigail reading to her friends in bed over the weekend.


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  1. September 20, 2012

    […] and greatest is that the frame for Abigail’s “Big Girl Bed” finally arrived and after experiencing four nights of amazing sleep, we were set back yet again thanks to the introduction of this frame. Abigail’s big girl […]

  2. September 26, 2012

    […] loves her bed.  She’s been sleeping in it consistently through the night since Part 5 of this series and we couldn’t be happier.  Putting her down at night is a breeze :: we give her a bath, […]

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