The “Big Girl Bed” Transition (Part 4 of ?)

Holy moly…where do I even begin?!?

The past five or so nights since I last wrote about this topic have been rough. It’s been an extreme roller coaster ride of good nights and bad nights.  Honestly, the only good night to report was Friday night when Abigail slept from 8:00pm – 7:00am in her bed without a peep.

Every other night has included at least one of the following ::

  • Abigail waking up, walking around, and trying to escape from her room
  • Travis snuggling with Abigail in her bed in the middle of the night just long enough to make sure she was sound asleep again (but not long enough for her to wake up in the morning with him laying next to her)
  • Me snuggling with Abigail in her bed in the middle of the night and doing the same routine as above
  • Moving Abigail from her bed to her crib in the middle of the night hoping she’d sleep well for the rest of the night
  • Starting Abigail in her crib at the beginning of the night  hoping she’d sleep well the whole night
  • Finally giving up and giving in this morning and letting Abigail snuggle in our new bed starting at 5:30am

On top of all of that, I haven’t been able to fall asleep until at least midnight (the time Abigail is actually sleeping soundly) because of everything on my crazy-pregnant mind…needless to say, I’m pooped out.

The best part is the fact that for the past 10 days, the apartment beneath us has been under construction (MAJOR demo work – they literally gutted the place) so Abigail’s naps have been few and far between…unfortunately there’s no clear end in sight to the loud banging that starts at 8:00am and ends around 5:00pm.


The poor little lady even has a cold…what a week…

It’ll get better though…I know it…like everything else we’ve gone through with Abby that’s been a challenge, this is just a phase and the phase will end.

Here’s to hoping it ends sooner rather than later!


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  1. September 17, 2012

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