The “Big Girl Bed” Transition (Part 3 of ?)

The saga continues…

Since everyone seems to enjoy this little series, I don’t want to miss a day in this early transition period (though I’m sure I will, so apologies in advance!) because each day holds something completely different. 

I am extremely happy to report that yesterday AND last night were complete successes!!!

After a fantastic swim class at the YMCA yesterday morning (more on our Fall classes next week), we made it back before Abigail was able to fall asleep in the car (always tough, especially now that she’s dropped her morning nap) and I managed to give her some milk and then lay her down peacefully in her bed where she didn’t complain at all.  In fact, she did the exact opposite.  She slept happily in her bed without making one peep for THREE HOURS!  It was amazing.  I took full advantage of the nap and snoozed for an entire hour myself…that is unheard of in this household!

Once she had a successful nap, I was doubting the possibility of her also having a good night’s sleep.  That would simply be too good to be true!

Shockingly, however, we put her down around 8:00pm and didn’t see her until 6:45am.  She made two peeps…one at 1:00am and one at 4:00am, but nothing that warranted a visit from Mommy or Daddy.  She must have sat up, made a noise, and gone straight back to sleep because there were zero creepy sounding door turns over the monitor wavelengths, and zero calls for “Mommy Daddy Mommy Daddy.”

When she woke up in the morning, we heard her carrying on an extremely pleasant conversation with her stuffed animals and when Travis went in to get her, she was sitting happily on her bed.

We can do it – we just have to stick with it and be consistent!

All in all, it was a successful night in what is potentially going to be a smooth transition (but once again, expectations are low and the assumption remains that there will be a gremlin up wandering in the night tonight).

Go team James!


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