The “Big Girl Bed” Transition (Part 2 of ?)

What’s the best way for me to say this?

Hmm…it’s a really good thing expectations were low last night after achieving success the night before.

Let’s just say I woke up at 7:15am in Abigail’s “big girl bed” after a rough early morning of Mommy and Daddy trading off on who was going to greet the little lady at the door.

She was perfectly content marching straight back to her bed as long as someone was there to make sure she was safe.  But the moment we tried to escape from her room, she’d wake up from a deep sleep and realize we were leaving…it reminded me of when she was a baby and she was perfectly content when we were standing and holding her, but the moment we sat down to relax, she was SO angry.

How do they know!?!

Anyway, I’m tired. Travis is probably tired. Abigail’s napping (thank goodness) after a fun swim session at the YMCA this morning, and I hope she naps for the rest of the afternoon…haha…meaning she’ll probably wake up in 5 minutes now, right?

I wouldn’t be surprised.

Wish us luck as we continue to embark on this journey!


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