The “Big Girl Bed” Transition (Part 1 of ?)

There’s a question mark in this title for a reason.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned about parenting, it’s the fact that you can never really count on anything to go 1) as you would like it to go, 2) how it went for other people, or 3) how you read it should happen in a book.  Fact of the matter is, every newborn, baby, toddler, etc is completely different.  This “big girl bed” process could take days, weeks, or months…I honestly have no idea…and luckily, my/our expectations are set realistically because we know that just because things seem smooth so far, they could always change.

That being said, 19 months may be a little young to make this transition, but in our household it makes sense.  We are blessed with the most athletic, strong-willed, spunky, courageous little lady around (in our humble opinions, of course).  And thanks to her strong personality, there is absolutely no way on earth we can trust she’ll wait patiently in her crib for us to come get her once she’s decided it’s time to get out (as evidenced by her two “jumps” over the side in months past).  More than that, every time we head in to “rescue” her from a nap or from nighttime, she’s standing in the corner of her crib with one leg hurled over the side, one arm trying to hoist the rest of her body over, and only a few toes remaining on her mattress.

I think it’s fair to say that her crib is officially not a safe place for her to be.

More than that, she’s about to have a baby sister (Baby Mac!) who will inevitably occupy the crib.  Since we’re going to have to make this transition at some point as well, why not do it sooner rather than later?

With all these factors coming into play, we’ve decided that it’s officially time for a big girl bed.  And after asking around for suggestions, we’ve decided that the best solution for us is to get her a twin bed (as opposed to a toddler bed or some of the other more temporary solutions).  We decided to get a twin bed with a nice mattress that will last a LONG time instead of a toddler bed where in another couple years we’ll have to pony up more cash for the next size up.

So this weekend, we hit up the Labor Day sales and ended up purchasing a bed for Abigail (which arrived on Sunday), a bedframe for Abigail (which arrives mid-September), and Mommy and Daddy even got a new bed (our first King Size mattress ever!!!).  It was an exciting weekend.

The best part, however, was heading into Kohl’s to pick out Abigial’s new “big girl bedding.”  I had read in a few books (and my Mom suggested this to me as well) that letting her be a part of the decision making process is a big part of helping her feel like a big girl.  Travis looked at me like I had 10 eyeballs when I mentioned that to him, and to be quite honest we felt a little silly pulling down different beds in a bag for a 19 month old to select from, but she got a kick out of it.  She felt the bedding very gently and seemed to (sort of) recognize that it was for her.  It was really special.

When we got home that night (her bed was going to be delivered the next day), we pulled her bed out of the bag and let her snuggle up in her new comforter and sheets…I’m not sure if I’ve seen her light up like that in a long time!  She knew exactly what it was – it was her new, special bedding and she proceeded to bring books, baby dolls, and bears over to snuggle with her.  It was adorable.

I think Travis is officially convinced my theory of having her be involved worked!

The next day, her bed arrived and we set it up in the corner of the room where her crib used to be.  We washed her bedding and put everything on, Abigail jumping in and out of the sheets the whole time as we tried to wrestle with the fitted one (those dang fitted sheets are so annoying!). 

Abigail slept in her big girl bed for the first time on Sunday night.  She lasted from 7:30pm – 12:30am and then started calling out, “Mommy…Daddy!!”  After we both took turns snuggling in her bed with her, she eventually ended up in her crib for the remainder of the night (that was more Mommy and Daddy being too tired and lazy to deal with her big girl bed for the rest of the night…no one’s perfect and we’re surely not afraid to admit it…she even spent some time in our bed that night!).

Since she never took a nap yesterday, her next “big girl bed” attempt was at bedtime again.  I am happy to report that with the exception of Travis going in to snuggle with her at 4:00am for 5 minutes, she slept the WHOLE night in her bed…from 8:00pm – 7:30am…we even had to wake her up this morning and when we walked in, she was sleeping the opposite way in her bed as comfy as a bug in a rug.

This is where the question mark in the title comes in.  This is where we know better than to believe it could be this “easy.”  Tonight could be a completely different story, but for now, we’re going to celebrate this minor miracle and give ourselves a little high-five.

Our little girl is growing up and she seems to LOVE her big girl bed!

Stay tuned for further “big girl bed” updates (including what the bed, bedding, room look like once we get the frame).


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6 Responses

  1. chris says:

    Love it!!
    She is growing up.
    Great that you had her be a part of the selection process…feeling involved, with some “power” is important to the growing up process! What cloths to wear, which foods to eat…
    Great pick Abby!

    • 7x7xMommy says:

      Yes indeedy, well thanks for the suggestion! Hey, and since you’re my spell-checker, I’m going to spell-check you too! I think you meant clothes 🙂 Love you!!

  2. Nduoma says:

    Hi Ali,

    Is Abby’s bed a floor bed. I can’t tell from the picture. Yay for transitioning big/girlhood

    • 7x7xMommy says:

      Hi! At this point, it’s a mattress that’s on the ground because her bed frame hasn’t arrived yet. I’ll post more pics soon! Oh, and I picked up a bed rail at Babies’R’Us today for when she’s up higher. We’ll see!

  3. Melissa Q says:

    Ok, I had to laugh at your (unintentional, I think!) typo – “those dang fitted shits are so annoying.” My mother-in-law refuses to say the word “sheets” because, with her Salvadoran accent, it sounds like she’s saying – well, “shits.” Now she just says “linens” but seeing yours in writing just made me laugh.

    Note: No offense or judgement meant by pointing out the typo, just honestly made me laugh 🙂

    • 7x7xMommy says:

      hahaha…oh my goodness I almost died when I saw your comment last night. I obviously had NO idea that I’d made that typo…haha…people probably thought, “Wow! Ali doesn’t typically use that kind of language on her blog…” TOO funny. I had to edit it. 🙂 Thanks for pointing it out and bringing it up! And I’m so glad I could make you laugh!! 🙂

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