Second Pregnancy :: Week 27

Second Pregnancy :: Week 27

Age of baby #1:
18 months (which will make them ~21.5 months apart)

How far along:
27 weeks

How big is baby:
the size of a rutabaga

Weight gain:
1 lb. (for a total weight gain of 21 lbs.)

Maternity clothes:
Same as usual…maternity jeans, yoga pants and over-sized sweatpants. Oh, and maxi dresses.

Stretch marks:
None yet.

Belly button:

I’ve been sleeping great again – yay!  And I’ve been having crazy-strange dreams (for example, last night I had a dream that I was in the Harry Potter movie and it ended with everyone turning into zombies and vampires…bizarre…bizarre and scary…and that’s purely influence from Travis and his unique interest in both zombies and vampires).

Best moment of the week:
Eating Tacko (street tacos – two carnitas, one chicken), followed by frozen yogurt, while watching The Newsroom on HBO (I’m OBSESSED…as I told Travis last night, I literally think I could watch it all day long – I never feel that way about a show, but I just really really love it!!! So good.).

Food cravings:
Anything sweet and/or salty and/or unhealthy. That, and spaghetti squash. Oh, and my favorite recipe on earth…Kale & Quinoa Pilaf…it’s truly heaven on earth.

Food aversions:

Heartburn. Heartburn. And more heartburn. Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention this one, but I get red spots all over my chest and arms when I’m pregnant as well. Annoying but true. They went away after I had Abby (minus one that’s smack dab in the middle of my left cheek – awesome – I’ll be getting that looked at by a dermatologist soon), so I’m assuming they’ll go away again.  I’m not too terribly worried about them, but I’d definitely consider them a “symptom.”

I’m not sure what happened this weekend, but this girl went from being active to being INSANELY active.  Maybe she’s been inspired by the Olympics!?


What I’m looking forward to:
10 days in Mexico with Travis (and Beanette)!!!  It’ll be like our second honeymoon (minus the zip-lining, horse-back riding, river rafting, and pretty much anything else active that pregnant people aren’t supposed to do).

What I’m nervous about:
Missing Abby when we’re in Mexico. At least I know she’ll be having a blast with Kiki and Gappy!

What I miss: 
Hmmm…sushi!  And when I’m in Mexico, I’m sure I’ll miss drinking margaritas!

Next appointment:
August 22nd.

Comparison to Pregnancy #1:
Read about pregnancy #1 here :: The Bump Report :: Week 27. Last but not least, here’s a photo of Week 27 from pregnancy #1::


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4 Responses

  1. Taryn says:

    I have red spots all over my chest and upper arms, too! Good to hear they go away after pregnancy… I think it’s from increased blood volume?

    • 7x7xMommy says:

      It must be! It’s such a bizarre development and even though this is the second time it’s happened, I still can’t get used to seeing dots all over myself. haha

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