The ‘Perfect’ Paper

July 5, 2012


As a tiny business owner, there are certain days that are exceptionally memorable.

Today is one of those days.

Today, I am shipping off a mini me paper that I am equally thrilled and petrified to send out.  All I can hope is that it is worthy of the ‘Perfect’ man, Mr. Matt Cain of the San Francisco Giants.

His daughter, Hartley (who is a complete lookalike, by the way), is soon to be the recipient of her very own mini me paper…a mini me paper filled with photos and articles of her ‘Perfect’ Daddy.

Did I spend extra time planning this one?  Absolutely.

Did I ask Travis for advice on which articles to include?  Yes indeed.

Am I proud of the results?  I couldn’t be more proud.

Fingers crossed the Cain’s are pleasantly surprised by this paper. Fingers crossed it’s the most unique baby gift they’ve ever been given.  And fingers crossed that soon, all the Giants’ babies are carrying mini me papers around.  (wishful, positive thinking is essential for a tiny business owner…good thing I’m so optimistic!)

Oh, and go mini me papers!

mini me papers


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4 Comments on “The ‘Perfect’ Paper”

  1. Brooke Bryand Says:

    Awesome idea!!! I am sure they will love it!!


  2. amaya Says:

    OMG Ali, that is so cool! Congrats!!!! Can’t wait to see where this leads…. Keep up the good work!


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