Pregnant Mommy Fitness :: Weeks 9-13

Far too long ago, I wrote about pregnancy and fitness for weeks 4-8.  I made a promise to myself that I would stick with this series of posts so now it’s time for me to catch up.  I feel like much of what I’ve written over the past couple months has been very repetitive when it comes to working out (I take notes every week when I write my “Stats” updates), but I guess that’s just it.  Staying active and fit requires some sort of repetition, consistency, and without a doubt, it requires a whole lot of dedication.

When you’re pregnant (and goodness, when you’re pregnant with a toddler running around), it requires extra dedication and motivation because some days it’s practically impossible to convince yourself that working out and getting some form of exercise is a priority.

My motivation?

Honestly, I think it’s my last pregnancy and post-pregnancy experience.  I felt great throughout my pregnancy and I believe staying active played a huge roll in that. Post-pregnancy, I lost my baby weight extremely fast and I had the energy to be the best Mommy I could be.

With that said, here’s how weeks 9-13 went…

Mommy Fitness :: 9 Weeks Pregnant

This week was rough on the workout front.  Travis came home early from work on Friday so I could head to the gym (yes, I have the best husband on the face of the earth).  He was home by 4:00 which is ridiculously early in our world!

I had the best intentions to go to the gym on Saturday, but I ended up sleeping 80% of the day because I was feeling so ill.  NOT FUN.

Sunday I made it to the gym…thank goodness…and it was actually a pretty good day in general (maybe I needed all that sleep!).

The hope this week is that I’ll get out on walks (now that it’s not dumping down rain) and I’ll make it to the gym 3 times.  That’s the goal…wish me luck!

Week 9 :: haha, it feels like it’s been a lifetime since my belly was flat!

Mommy Fitness :: 10 Weeks Pregnant

I was feeling better this week so Abigail and I went on more walks, I was consistent about doing my arms and abs at home, Travis got home early again on Friday so I could go to the gym, I headed to the gym again on Saturday morning, and today (Easter) we walked ~5 miles.

Overall, it was a good week where I was motivated (and felt pretty human) on most days.

Mommy Fitness :: 11 Weeks Pregnant

Ha!  My notes from this week consisted of one word : “blah” – not very helpful.  I’m assuming I wasn’t feeling awesome and that I managed to peel myself away from making papers to go on a few walks, but beyond that I have no idea.  Sorry for the poor reporting.  At least I have a photo.

nice hair, Ali

Mommy Fitness :: 12 Weeks Pregnant

Travis can’t make it home early from work all the time, so it’s time for me to make a change. I can’t expect/count on him to relieve me for my workouts, so I need to take matters into my own hands!

I’m joining the YMCA in the Presidio.

Why the YMCA?  Because they have Childcare!!!  And it’s only $7.50 an hour!!!! AND it means Abigail will get to play with other kiddies while I workout!!!!!!!!!!!

A perfect solution?  Umm…yes.  Best of all?  When I took the tour of the facilities, I spotted my Cybex machine (which I don’t always find in different gyms).

I’m so excited to get things started at the YMCA.  It’ll be my “during the week gym” and for now, I’ll keep my Crunch membership as well.  Crunch will be my “weekend gym.”  Perfect.

Mommy Fitness :: 13 Weeks Pregnant

And now for a setback…

This has been a rough week for working out because Abigail was sick for most of the week and then as she began to get better, I began my descent into this awful bug.  We didn’t make it out much (as she was being quarantined most of the week) so long walks didn’t happen.  Well, I’m lying…we walked downtown one day so that was about a 4.5 mile trek there and back.

Saturday and Sunday I found a way to force myself to get workouts in which felt great.  Too bad they didn’t help me shake this stupid bug.  I can’t say I’m feeling much better at the moment so it’ll be interesting to see how this week goes.

Abigail and I also leave for Atlanta tomorrow morning and while my parents have a workout facility at the apartments they’re currently staying in, I’m not 100% convinced I’ll be super jazzed to go down and use them…fingers crossed I’m feeling better in no time.

My Standard Workout at the Gym

Cybex – 42 minutes (alternating every 5 minutes from level 4 to level 8)

Free Weights – 5 lb. weights

Okay, maybe I can whip out another set before Abigail wakes up…it’s nice having a break from making mini me papers!!

As always, if you have any questions for me, shoot!


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