Pregnant Mommy Fitness :: Weeks 14-17

Alright, I’m going to pick up where I left off.  To see past Pregnant Mommy Fitness updates, click on these links ::

Pregnant Mommy Fitness :: Weeks 4-8

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Here we go with weeks 14-17 (when I was in Atlanta!) ::

Mommy Fitness :: 14 Weeks Pregnant

I’m still sick, sick, sick!  And I’m in Atlanta on vacation!

Shockingly, I’m finding motivation to go downstairs to my parent’s gym facility in their building – go me!  They don’t have my favorite machine, but they have a treadmill so I’ve been doing 30-40 minutes of a walk/run series.  When I run, I have to pee, so the 30-40 minutes really takes 40-50 minutes. TMI? Sorry! It’s true.

They also have free weights and a yoga mat so I’ve been able to do my “regular routine” (which is below!).

Mommy Fitness :: 15 Weeks Pregnant

Same as above for most days, but this week we also made a trip down to Mobile, AL to visit more family so I took two days completely off.  It was lovely!

hanging out with great-grandma!


Mommy Fitness :: 16 Weeks Pregnant

This week was pathetic on the workout front (which was exactly what the doctor ordered!). Travis was with us in Atlanta for our final week so we simply enjoyed family, food, and relaxation (makes me look forward to our next trip out there)!!!

Mommy Fitness :: 17 Weeks Pregnant

This week I worked out at the gym three days in a row over memorial day weekend.  Other than that, we walked to and from the post office quite a bit for mini me papers (a good thing because that means lots of orders!), but we have yet to head to the YMCA since before we left for Atlanta.  Need to give that a shot next week!

We also took in a Giants game on a lovely day in San Francisco ::

My Standard Workout at the Gym

Cybex – 42 minutes (alternating every 5 minutes from level 4 to level 8)

Free Weights – 5 lb. weights

As always, if you have any questions for me, shoot!


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