Abby’s Talking :: Here are her Favorite Words

It’s official :: we have a “talker” on our hands.

I would have written this post much earlier (probably around 12 or 13 months when she started “talking”) but since I am who I am, I haven’t considered Abigail’s words “real” until recently.  Still, I don’t really consider them real words because she doesn’t enunciate clearly, but she knows what she’s saying.  Plus, we know what she’s saying.  And most impressively, strangers know what she’s saying (as evidenced by the post office worker who responded “you’re welcome” after Abigail said “yank uuuuu” the other day).  I was shocked.

I thought I was the only adult who could understand her words.

Apparently not.

So on that note, I thought I’d finally share with you some of Abby’s favorite words.  I’ll list them in order of clarity (easiest to understand, first…still questionable, last) ::

  1. Daddy (not Dada…it’s Daddy)
  2. Mamamamamama (that would be me…I’ve been mamamamamama since Abigail was 3 months old…some things never change)
  3. Baby (pronounced “bay-bee”)
  4. Thank You (pronounced “yank uuuu” or “dank uuuuu” or “shank uuuuu”…either way, it always has a long “uuuu” sound to it)
  5. Hi (pronounced “hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” – accompanied by a wave 99% of the time whether the person’s on the phone or at the door)
  6. Bye-Bye (pronounced “ba-byeeeee” or “ba-baaa”- also accompanied by a wave – she’s quite polite)
  7. Cheese (pronounced “sheeeeeeeeze”)
  8. Panda (pronounced “pa-paaaaw”)
  9. Belle (pronounced “Behhhh”)
  10. Juice (pronounced “joooosh”)
  11. Ball (pronounced “bal ba”)
  12. Shoes (one of my favorites…it’s pronounced “shoooooosh”)

The list goes on, but those are some of her favorites.  I must say, it’s quite entertaining and exciting to watch her point to things and attempt to name them.

Gosh, and if she had to go through life only naming animals by the sounds they make, she’d be ready to take on the world.  Her most impressive/hilarious animal sound?  A cat.  I need to take a video of that because it’s not just any cat…it’s a dying cat.  Pretty hilarious.

Anyway, I wanted to include a little video of her saying “thank you” and “bye-bye” after she received a special present from Auntie Mindy and Uncle Christopher last week.  She was 99% enthralled in the new toy and 1% paying attention to Mamamamama.  Enjoy ::

So I’m curious, would you define this as “talking” ???

What were your kids first/favorite words?

Until next time!


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3 Responses

  1. chris says:

    I love it!!!!! So fun!!!
    She is a talker 🙂

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