Abigail’s 1st Haircut & New ‘Do

I’m here to write about something very important this morning :: a toddler’s hairdo.  Pressing information, right?  Let’s just go with “yes” – at least I’m taking a break from working on papers to write something!

For much of Abigail’s life with hair (which has been about 1/4 of her life thus far thanks to balding in the early days), she’s had this look ::

It was a great signature ‘do.  People loved it (especially Daddy).  But if I didn’t take the time to do the ‘do, if you will, she’d have long hairs poking her eyeballs.  I knew it was time to make a switch to a new ‘do, but I wasn’t sure how to style her hair now that it was actually growing.  So I had to look for inspiration and I started in the most logical place I could think of…by looking through old pics of baby Ali (that’s me) that I had scanned for our wedding slideshow.  After only a few images, I knew I’d discovered Abigail’s new ‘do…here was my inspiration ::

And just like that, I’d made my decision…and let me tell you, once I set my mind to something, good luck trying to get me to change it.  I told Travis about my plan of attack and he had a near heart attack imagining his precious pumpkin without her “signature front ponytail.” But, as a stay at home Mom, I have a LOT of time in the day to spend with Abigail…time when Daddy isn’t around discouraging haircuts…so one day, I whipped out the scissors and trimmed a total of maybe 20 hairs while begging Abigail to sit still.  Once the bangs were done, it was time to wrangle the little mullet I’d just created for our daughter into cute pigtails…the result?

Take a wild guess as to who loves Abigail’s pigtails and bangs the most?

Yep, it would be this guy ::

What’s the old saying again?  Oh, that’s right :: Mother knows best.


Now I can’t wait ’til her hair’s a little longer so I can do this with her pigtails!!!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


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  1. chris sandman says:

    Adorable, both of you 🙂 🙂

  1. August 15, 2013

    […] a year ago (how is that even possible!?), I gave Abby her first “haircut.” The word haircut is in quotes because I’m the furthest thing from a hair stylist and all I did […]

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