Second Pregnancy :: Week 20

Second Pregnancy :: Week 20

Age of baby #1:
17 months (which will make them ~21.5 months apart)

How far along:
20 weeks

How big is baby:
the size of a banana

Weight gain:
1 lb. (for a total weight gain of 11 lbs.)

Maternity clothes:
Same as the past few weeks…some maternity mixed with some non-maternity.  And lots of yoga pants and over sized sweatpants (non-maternity)!

Stretch marks:
None. Fingers crossed I get away without any the second time around as well.

Belly button:
Innie…hoping it stays that way as well!

Everyone’s been sleeping well around here (minus two nights ago when I was awake for 2 hours thinking about absolutely nothing at all…really productive…).

Best moment of the week:
Matt Cain’s Perfect Game which sparked five mini me papers sales in one day (and that’s a BIG day for this tiny production line which consists of me and Abigail…and I think you can all guess how helpful Abigail is).

Oh, and this was the other best moment of the week ::

Food cravings:
Gosh, anything that’s terrible for me…I finally went grocery shopping for the first time in a couple weeks on Saturday so we’re going to EAT HEALTHY this week!!!  (last night we ended our “bad eating week” with a bang – ice cream and cookies…man alive)

Food aversions:

No real symptoms. Just feeling like I’m growing a little bit all over my body…feeling pregnant, that’s for sure.

I think I’m going to have another crazy-active baby on my hands (two extremely energetic little girls…help!!!) – this little one, while small, is wiggling up a storm…I can finally feel her from the outside as well.  Love it.


What I’m looking forward to:
Friday. Is it too soon for that?

What I’m nervous about:
Hmmmm…nothing that I can think of. Feeling pretty footloose and fancy free today…

What I miss: 
My family in Atlanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m sad that we miss out on all their gatherings and I miss utilizing my parent’s amazing babysitting skills.  Things are very different with them gone.  Sad face.

Next appointment:
June 22nd.

Comparison to Pregnancy #1: 
Read about pregnancy #1 here :: The Bump Report :: Week 20. Last but not least, here’s a photo of Pregnancy #1 at Week 20 ::


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