Second Pregnancy :: Week 18

Second Pregnancy :: Week 18

Age of baby #1:
16 months (which will make them ~21.5 months apart)

How far along:
18 weeks

How big is baby:
the size of a sweet potato

Weight gain:
0 lb. (for a total weight gain of 8 lbs.)

Maternity clothes:
Same story…I’m wearing maternity jeans and some tops.  I’m wearing non-maternity maxi dresses (and one that is maternity).  And for working out, I just wear my non-maternity yoga pants and long tank tops that I got from TJMaxx.  Here’s one of my non-maternity maxi dresses from Victoria’s Secret:

Stretch marks:
None. Fingers crossed I get away without any the second time around as well.

Belly button:
Innie…hoping it stays that way as well!

Sleep has been great.

Best moment of the week:
Reuniting with Abigail after being in Napa for almost two full days without her. That and getting six new orders of mini me papers…that was great and completely unexpected.

Food cravings:
None (though Travis would probably say Oreos).

Food aversions:

None – I feel awesome. No complaints at all.

Bean is getting active in the evenings after I’ve eaten dinner and I’ve stopped moving around (and after a few oreos)…Travis still can’t feel Bean from the outside but I can definitely feel him/her on the inside.  So fun.

No idea, but can’t wait to find out a WEEK FROM TODAY (but who’s counting?!)Be sure to take the Poll to guess :: Pink or Blue for #2???

What I’m looking forward to:
My birthday on Friday. The big 2-8.

What I’m nervous about:
Not getting enough papers done before we leave on Thursday for the entire weekend again.    

What I miss: 
Oh man, I missed wine tasting with everyone else while we were in Napa!!!  There’s always next year though!

Next appointment:
The BIG one!  June 11th at 8:30am.

Comparison to Pregnancy #1: 
According to my Belly Book from last time around, we were just about to find out if Abigail was a boy or a girl.  We found out on 8.27.10.  Seems like yesterday. So crazy!  Last but not least, here’s a photo of Pregnancy #1 at Week 18 ::

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4 Comments on “Second Pregnancy :: Week 18”

  1. chris Says:

    Getting bigger :) :)
    What is bean going to be????? :)
    My vote is in :)



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