Poll :: Pink or Blue for #2?

As we count down to next Monday (the BIG appointment where we find out the BIG news assuming Bean is cooperating with his/her positioning), I figured it would be fun to create a little poll to see if people think Bean is going to be a boy or a girl.

People keep asking me what I think he/she is and to be 100% honest, I have NO idea…no inklings…no suspicions…nothing.  I think there’s a baby in there and that’s about it.  Plus, last time around I was 100% wrong in my hunch so I figured there’s no point in me guessing.

What do you think??

7x7xMommy / Second Pregnancy

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5 Comments on “Poll :: Pink or Blue for #2?”

  1. Taryn Says:

    Last Friday I found out that I am having a boy and, based on what I’ve read on your blog, you and I had similar cravings and feelings… so I’m going with boy for you, too!


    • 7x7xMommy Says:

      First of all, congrats!! That’s so exciting! Secondly, I like this comment. :) We’d love to add a boy to the fam…but we’d obviously be very happy with another version of Abby! I can hardly wait to find out.



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    […] Gender: No idea, but can’t wait to find out a WEEK FROM TODAY (but who’s counting?!).  Be sure to take the Poll to guess :: Pink or Blue for #2??? […]

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