What a Difference a Month Makes

May 31, 2012

Kids, Life

Hi all!

I’ve been incredibly MIA and I apologize.  Life has been extremely hectic and I’m proud to say mini me papers has been keeping me busy, busy, busy!  The goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year are being realized and I’m excited to say I’m getting closer to breaking even with my small business (I’m about 30 papers away, but it’s much closer than I was two short months ago).

Anyway, I’m actually writing about another new development in our household ::  the sleep patterns of our spunky 16 month old.  One month ago, Abigail and I were heading off to Atlanta for 3 weeks and we were both battling colds that wouldn’t go away and teeth that wouldn’t give up (and yes, we were both battling the teeth…she may have been in severe pain, but that meant Mommy was as well).  

That nasty combination led to many restless nights, pathetic naps, somewhat hilarious tantrums, and lots of tears (which, of course, all originated from Abigail’s eyes…).

I thought it was never going to end.

And then we both ditched our colds.

And then Abigail’s teeth decided they’d finished their torture (for now).

And then we returned home and a miracle happened…she started sleeping again.  Not just sleeping, she started sleeping really well.  I’m always afraid about writing such optimistic updates because I’m sure she’ll be up for the next three nights in a row, but I want to share that things get better!!!

She’s gone back to sleeping from 8:30pm – 7:00am (every night this week minus one).  She’s gone back to napping twice in a day…both naps being 2 hours long (a miracle for mini me papers).  Her temperament is back to “normal” (she’s still completely nuts but she’s a very happy nuts).  The tantrums are sort of gone (haha…ya right). 

All I can think to myself is how amazing it is to experience this.  Being a parent. Watching your infant grow into a baby and a toddler and a person who has just as much of an opinion (if not more so) than any other person I know.  Witnessing them go through ups and downs and then leveling back out.

The craziest part is that it’s only beginning. And as overwhelming as that thought can be, I think for now I’m just going to appreciate the fact that we’re sleeping again…

Because there’s no way it’s going to last.

On that note, Travis is heading to work so I’m back “on”…I hope everyone has a great Thursday and I’ll be back with an 18 week update on Monday!



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4 Comments on “What a Difference a Month Makes”

  1. chris Says:

    Love, love, love Abby-girl :) :)
    KiKi has been sleeping all night since the Atlanta visit (well, almost all night)!


  2. sarah p Says:

    good news on the sleeping! those molars will interrupt everything!!! lulu is currently a crazy woman and decided not to nap at all today! i feel like the sleeping doesn’t fully get constant until they are around 2. eddie sleeps pretty well with a few nightmares or growing pains here and there.
    lulu has also developed an opinion of her own. in fact, we battled over something this morning (and I won)!!!! she is more stubborn and bullheaded than either of the boys ever were!!!!!!!
    let’s get together again soon. we may head in on the ferry sometime soon since the weather is beautiful!


    • 7x7xMommy Says:

      Oh my goodness it’s so nice to know that 2 is when it all evens out a bit more…that’s not too terribly far away! :)

      haha, and gotta love these strong-willed little girls…I wonder where they get it from…

      And yes, let’s get together soon! Does next week possibly work for you guys???


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