Second Pregnancy :: Week 15

Second Pregnancy :: Week 15
My pictures aren’t the best this week and apologies for being late on this post…we’ve been SUPER busy doing a million different things…I’ll get back on track next week when we’re home.

Age of baby #1:
16 months (which will make them ~21.5 months apart)

How far along:
15 weeks

How big is baby:
the size of an apple

Total weight gain:
I have no idea because I haven’t weighed myself since I’ve been in Atlanta – I’ll have an update next week

Maternity clothes:
All I’ve been wearing are maxi dresses and my white jeans from the Gap (maternity)

Stretch marks:
None. Fingers crossed I get away without any the second time around as well.

Belly button:
Innie…hoping it stays that way as well!

Sleep has been great thanks to Kiki & Gappy still!

Best moment of the week:
Picking Travis up from the airport! Abigail and I were both SO excited to see him and having him here has been such a huge help!

Food cravings:
Chicken tenders.

Food aversions:



No idea, but can’t wait to find out on June 11th at 8:30am!

What I’m looking forward to:
Going to the Atlanta Zoo today with Abigail (to see the Pandas!)

What I’m nervous about:
Missing my family when we leave Atlanta on Sunday.

What I miss:
Our french press at home.

Next appointment:
May 23rd at 8:45am

Comparison to Pregnancy #1: 
I don’t remember off the top of my head but I’m assuming at this point last time I was feeling great.  I also don’t have a photo of Pregnancy #1 at Week 14 this week since I don’t have access to my computer. Sorry!


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