Pregnant Mommy Fitness :: Weeks 4-8

As I’ve written my bump reports every week during this second pregnancy, I’ve also been jotting down notes of how I’ve remained active during this time.  I’ve definitely had my ups and downs (thanks to a severe case of nausea for 3 weeks), but overall I’ve done a good job remaining consistently active and motivated.

I’m going to break these sections into a few weeks at a time (I don’t want to overwhelm anyone with too much content) so today, I’ll share Weeks 4-8 (and if I took a “normal” photo – not a silhouette photo – during that week I’ll share it here as well).

I hope this section can help motivate other pregnant Mommies out there because remaining active – from my experience with Baby #1 – eases stress, makes you feel better from the inside out, helps with labor, and makes it easier to shed the baby weight after birth.  All positive!  So here goes nothing!

Mommy Fitness :: 4 Weeks Pregnant

I literally just found out I was pregnant. After feeling overwhelming joy about the news, I couldn’t help but think about how I need to reevaluate my workout routine going into this pregnancy.  Unlike Pregnancy #1, I won’t be walking 5 miles a day and going to the gym.  I have a bit of a different situation these days.  The different situation, of course, being my 13 month old daughter and the fact that I “work” from home. Hmm…

Time to get creative and time to commit to a workout plan.

My first attempt at developing a new routine?

I’m going to wake up early.  I’m going to wake up nice and early and go to the gym before Travis leaves for work (which is typically around 7am).  I’m going to miss our current routine of cooking breakfast for the three of us and enjoying coffee in my pajamas.


It’s the only time in the day I know I can count on getting some exercise.  With mini me papers keeping me so busy during the days, getting out for a long walk hasn’t really been happening. With Travis working so hard (and sometimes so late), I can’t count on going to the gym when he gets home. PLUS…I’m typically ready to eat both my arms by the time he gets home so working out at 7:30pm or 8:00pm is the LAST thing I want to do.


It’s time to get up early and get to the gym.

Alarm is set for 5:30am.  Arrive at the gym by 5:40am.  Workout for 52 minutes on the elliptical (very precise, right?). Be home by 6:40am.

I think I’d still be able to make breakfast for the fam at this point too.

I’ll keep you posted.


4 Weeks Pregnant

Mommy Fitness :: 5 Weeks Pregnant

Everything I said last week was complete B.S.  I’ll be the first to admit it.

I didn’t get up early once. I never went to the gym before Travis left for work. I remembered part way through the week that I’m 5 weeks pregnant, I have a 13 month old (and a Husband) to feed and take care of in the mornings, and I’m EXHAUSTED.

What’s even worse is that nausea has been kicking in. Ugh. I’m not going to let it slow me down though!

Even though I’m not up early in the mornings, I’m continuing to play basketball (and somehow I managed to play 3 on 3 full court for 40 minutes with my teammates yesterday…thought I was going to die but I didn’t!). 

I’m still going on long walks with Abigail.

I’m ramping up my at-home free weight and ab routine on my yoga mat (which I haven’t made time for in the past 3 months but I know how important it is).  My favorite part about this is that when I start doing squats, Abigail joins me on the mat and does squats too…note to self:  have Travis take a picture someday.

Overall, I’m just going about business as usual. Making activity a priority (somehow), drinking lots of water, and listening to my body (not my strong suit but I’m much better when I’m pregnant!). 

I doubt I’ll be getting up early, but that was a nice thought.


Mommy Fitness :: 6 Weeks Pregnant

Despite the headaches and the nausea, I’m happy to say I’ve remained active this entire week (minus Friday which was my “off” day). 

This week I have playoffs for basketball…only one game, but I’m looking forward to it.  With Travis out of town Sun-Mon night, my parents will come to the game to hang out with Abby on the sidelines.  It’s always nice having some cheerleaders there!

I’ll also be out in Atlanta so my routine will be off but I’m sure we’ll go for long walks around the neighborhood…I’ll keep you posted on how that goes next week.


6 Weeks Pregnant

Mommy Fitness :: 7 Weeks Pregnant

With this new nausea thing kicking in, working out has become more a distraction than something I actually enjoy doing.  Going to the gym doesn’t make me feel better but it also doesn’t make me feel worse.

That being said, I find that keeping myself as busy as possible is what helps me remain sane. Yesterday morning after I ate my breakfast (which I felt nauseous both before and after), I decided I was going to suck it up and go to the gym. So I did. I did 57 minutes on the Cybex Elliptical (my favorite machine) and then I went through my entire free weight and ab routine. I was there for a total of 90 minutes and while I felt a little queasy the whole time, I knew I was being productive and not just sitting around feeling bad for myself.

It was a great feeling.  Very empowering.

Travis intends to get home early enough tonight for me to head to the gym again.  I’m sure I won’t be feeling amazing (though one can always hope), but at least I’ll feel better than if I were sitting around feeling bummed out that I’m extremely nauseous.

This nausea thing will pass (or so I’ve heard from most people who’ve been through it firsthand) after the first trimester, and I would rather feel active and fit going into the second trimester (my most difficult trimester last time around for whatever reason) than feel like a blob.


7 Weeks Pregnant

Mommy Fitness :: 8 Weeks Pregnant

I’m happy to say I made it to the gym on Saturday and Sunday of this past weekend. Here’s what my workouts looked like…

Saturday & Sunday:

Cybex – 52 minutes (alternating every 5 minutes from level 4 to level 8)

Free Weights – 5 lb. weights

Abs – a series of crunches (approximately 300)

Other than Saturday and Sunday, I’ve been going on 45 min – 90 min walks with Abby nearly every other day.  On my off day, I did laundry (which is a workout in and of itself when the laundry facilities require you to walk up and down a couple flights of stairs!).  


8 Weeks Pregnant

And that’s that!  If you have any questions, let me know…happy Friday!


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10 Responses

  1. Hi! First of all, thanks for jotting down your fitness logs and sharing it with us. I recently found out that I’m pregnant again (I have a 15 month old) and have been struggling to get myself to move! My first pregnancy, labour, as well as post-preg were amazing and I, like you, attribute it mostly to being fit throughout the pregnancy so I would really like to at least ramp up my energy levels and stamina this time. Just wondering, when you say you took a long walk with Abigail, did you carry her did you guys take a walk together? Thanks 🙂

    • 7x7xMommy says:

      Hi there! Thanks for reaching out and congrats on baby #2!!! When I refer to my “long walks,” it was primarily with a stroller. We’d go on 3-5 miles walks around San Francisco (with a stop at a park in the middle to keep her happy). Every once in a while, I’d do a shorter walk (1-2 miles) with Abby in the baby bjorn, but that only lasted until I was ~4 months pregnant because it got pretty darn uncomfortable with my growing belly. 🙂 Long story short, our long walks involved the stroller (the BOB!). I hope this helps and congrats again!!!

      • Oh yes, the stroller walk!

        For me, I haven’t been to the doc yet but I think i should be around 10weeks along now. Am trying to incorporate swimming three times a week and squeeze in walking whenever I can.

        When I took a look at my bump pics for my last pregnancy, I realized what a luxury time really is. With a toddler, it really takes much more effort to prioritize fitness. But thanks for your tips and encouragement. I really want fitness to be a top priority – I’m sure it’ll be helpful when number two comes along!

        Thanks again for your beautiful blog! 😉

        • 7x7xMommy says:

          Swimming is another great activity – good for you! I’ve never been a swimmer, but I secretly wish I knew what on earth I was doing in the water. haha

          Good luck with everything and let me know if you have any other questions for me! Having two is so fun!! 🙂

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