Second Pregnancy :: Week 11

Second Pregnancy :: Week 11

Age of baby #1:
15 months (which will make them ~21.5 months apart)

How far along:
11 weeks

How big is baby:
the size of a lime

Total weight gain:
0 lbs. (for a total weight gain of 5 lbs.)

Maternity clothes:
I still fit in non-maternity clothes, but I’m excited to report that I just ordered a pair of these last night.  I’ve always wanted white jeans…fingers crossed they fit!

Stretch marks:
None. Fingers crossed I get away without any the second time around as well.

Belly button:
Innie…hoping it stays that way as well!

Still sleeping a lot. I do a lot of falling asleep on the couch between 7:30pm and 8:30pm. 🙂

Best moment of the week:
Having our first appointment and getting confirmation that everything is going well thus far!

Food cravings:
Ice cream and frozen yogurt. 🙂

Food aversions:


  1. Nausea:  Gone 99% of the time…I’d call that a victory!
  2. Lack of Energy:  I’ve still been really tired.  Lacking my normal motivation.


No idea, but can’t wait to find out!

What I’m looking forward to:
Going to the dentist today.  Weird?  Maybe…but I love having clean teeth….plus, it means I get a “break” while Travis hangs out with Abby downtown! **I’d like to report I wrote this post this morning but now that I’m editing it, I’m already back from my dentist appointment and received rave reviews…yay for clean teeth!**

What I’m nervous about:
Hmmm…I can’t think of anything I’m nervous about at the moment.  I’m feeling great these days and I have lots to look forward to:  a trip to Atlanta; a Napa trip; a Tahoe trip; a Mexico trip; another baby…no complaints here!

What I miss:
My parents.

Next appointment:
April 25th at 8:30am for another ultrasound and 1st trimester screening. Yay for seeing bean again!

Comparison to Pregnancy #1:
haha, so I’m reading through my “Belly Book” from Abigail’s pregnancy and at Week 11, I was asked the following questions:

  • Music we’ve been listening to lately:  Pop/Hip Hop (ie: Katy Perry: CA Girls); Michael Buble; John Mayer
  • Recent Movie I’ve Seen:  this answer was blank…sad!
  • Book I’m Reading: Just finished “Love the One You’re With” and now reading “Eat, Pray, Love”…your Dad is reading “The Lost Symbol”
  • Top News Story at the Moment: LeBron James (a free agent) just announced – 7.9.2010 – that’s he’s leaving Cleveland after 7 years and joining Dwayne Wade & Chris Bosch in Miami…they’ve promised 5+ championships…we’ll see!

Haha…so based on all of that info, it’s no wonder Abigail loves to dance (with all the pop music I listened to); Travis and I didn’t take advantage of the fact that we could have gone to more movies than we can now; I was reading books I really didn’t like (mainly “Eat, Pray, Love” which…call me crazy…I couldn’t stand); and basketball news topped any other important things going on in the world…go figure.  🙂  Last but not least, here’s a photo of Pregnancy #1 at Week 11 ::


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  1. Megan B.B. says:

    I’m with you, I haaaaaaaaaaaated Eat Pray Love

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