14. Go to the Park (101 Things to do with your Toddler)

April 9, 2012

Activities, Kids

We took care of #14 twice this weekend.  We actually do #14 most days, but I don’t have my camera with me most days and we don’t have Daddy with us most days, so this post is extra special!  We went to two different parks…we had Daddy in tow…and we brought our camera.  Success!

14. Go to the Park

On Saturday, we went to Golden Gate Park’s Playground.  It’s massive (and honestly a little overwhelming), but Abigail had a great time.  She had fun climbing on rocks, running around, and she found a spinning chair that she became obsessed with quickly.

those are her "I'm incredibly dizzy but having so much fun" eyes

She also tried to make friends with a girl who was probably a year older than her and instead of being friendly back, the little girl said, “no baby…NO BABY!!!” and then she proceeded to shove Abby to the ground in one aggressive push.  It was pretty amazing to witness.  Abigail wasn’t phased. She just sat on the ground looking a little confused as to why the girl pushed her down in the first place.  The little girl’s Dad ran over so quickly and swiftly put her in her stroller for “time out” and while she sat there kicking and screaming, the Dad sweetly asked Abigail if she was okay and apologized to us for her behavior.

Is that what the future holds???  My goodness, I sure hope not…

It was a fascinating experience nonetheless and once again, we’re lucky we have a daughter who rolls with the punches (literally, in this case). 

Sunday was Easter and after a walk down Union Street’s Easter Festival and realizing that it will probably be better suited for Abigail next year when she’s tall enough to participate, we decided to head down to Moscone Park instead.  We didn’t last long because the wind started to pick up and we were feeling a little sleepy, but Abigail was able to use up some energy and run around (though you’d never know because she was up until 9:45pm last night…).


Overall, it was a great weekend filled with park adventures and a fun Easter basket filled with too much chocolate…just as Easter should be!

I hope everyone else had a great weekend I hope you’re all off to a great start this week!

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