Another Year, Another Photo with the Easter Bunny

I just sent an email to my family with photos of today’s “shoot” with the Easter Bunny of Stonestown Galleria and I couldn’t help myself when I said, “Well…a lot has changed in one year.  Both the Easter Bunny and Abby have gotten a whole lot cuter!”

I’m kidding, of course (sort of).  The Easter Bunny definitely improved…Abby, however, was a pretty darn cute 2.5 month old blob.

You be the judge…here’s 2011:

And here’s 2012:

Same place. Different bunny. Thank goodness.

Another big difference from last year was the fact that when Abby got out of her stroller this time around, she waved at the Easter Bunny, walked right up to him, put her arms up (his cue to pick her up), and sat happily while the camera lady snapped a few quick photos (as opposed to last year when Mommy grabbed Abby, plopped her in the Easter Bunny’s arms, and Abby had no idea what was going on).

Abby knew what was happening this year.  Well, she may not have known completely (for example, she probably didn’t know that the Easter Bunny was actually a person dressed in a costume…shhhhh), but she knew enough to know she was having a great time!  As much as I loved watching her check out the Easter Bunny’s funky tie (see below),it made me feel better when she put her arms out for me in her last photo.

I was afraid she was planning on making the Easter Bunny’s lair her new home (and I’m not sure if Easter Bunny’s have lairs, but this little hut sure looked like one).

Anyway, it was a success and Abigail had a blast…5 gold stars for us!

Happy Easter Egg Hunting,


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