42. Play with a Sticker Sheet (101 Things to do with your Toddler)

March 27, 2012

Activities, Kids

I’d like to thank Trader Joe’s for their help with this particular activity.  We were handed a sheet of stickers for St. Patty’s Day about a month ago and we were able to put it to use on this dreary, rainy, cold, windy, San Francisco day!

42. Play with a Sticker Sheet

This activity was pretty entertaining for me.  At first, Abigail had no idea what to do with the stickers (including the ones I strategically placed on her face).  Then all of a sudden, she started flailing her arms as fast as she could to get them off.  She managed to get the stickers off her fingers (and her pajamas), but I had to quickly peel the ones off her face (which didn’t phase her at all…go figure).

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2 Comments on “42. Play with a Sticker Sheet (101 Things to do with your Toddler)”

  1. chris Says:

    Way too cute and way too fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great rainy day activity!
    I am going to go get myself some stickers and see if it will keep Gappy busy :)
    Oh, wait…he is busy enough already. :)


  2. chris Says:

    bn mbb v


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