3.27.12 :: Happy Anniversary, Babe!

4 years ago today I went on my last first date which included a dive bar, NCAA Basketball, a shared quesadilla, a couple beers, and the realization that I might have found “the one.”

3 years ago today we celebrated our one year anniversary with dinner and a show (both of which were complete surprises to me).

2 years ago today we recited our vows (jokes included) and said “I do.”

1 year ago today we celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary with a 2 month old and then snuck away for a swanky dinner, an overnight at a hotel, and at least 4 breast pumping sessions in the middle of the night (for more on that fun memory, click here).

Today we get to celebrate our special day yet again.

Our morning was normal (just the way we like it): Travis hung out with Abigail while he showered and got ready for work, I made breakfast for the three of us (only to realize today is Tuesday and Travis doesn’t eat with us on Tuesdays because he has a 7:30am meeting every week), and Travis flew out the door with a loving wave from Abigail and a quick smooch from me.

As I sit here in my pajamas (which I intend to get out of before 9am), I can’t help but daydream about tonight.  We’re going to drop Abby off one last time at Kiki & Gappy’s, we’re going to dress up, and we’re going to go to dinner…and if everything goes according to plan, we’re going to sleep in (even if it’s 30 extra minutes) tomorrow morning.

Happy Anniversary, Babe!

me 🙂

ha…and looking back through these pictures makes me think we didn’t have enough fun at our Wedding…

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