The Panda Report: Abigail at 13 & 14 Months

I failed to post Abigail’s 13 Month Panda Report pictures.  I took them (and they’re terrible because she wouldn’t sit still…shocking), but I didn’t find the time to get them on here.  At least she was civil toward Panda at 13 months.  She chose to read Panda a few stories.  See below…

The Panda Report: 13 Months

This month, however, she took one civilized photo and the proceeded to throw Panda onto the ground…over and over and over again.  It was actually quite hilarious. After throwing Panda to the floor, she proceeded to furniture hop (because why would she ever want to stay in one place??).  Not surprisingly, these monthly photos are only becoming more difficult to take.  I hope to get to her 2nd birthday and then after that, we’ll be taking photos every 6 months…and then, once a year (for as long as she’ll be a good sport).

For now, enjoy month 14!

The Panda Report: 14 Months

Have a great week!

7x7xMommy / The Panda Report

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