Vacation was wonderful, but it sure is great to be home!

It’s been over a week since I told you all that I was embarking on a baby-free vacation.  Wow, what a wonderful break that was!

Sure, I wondered where my child was about 95% of the time.  I went to bed wondering how she did that day and I woke up in the mornings thinking about how well she was sleeping.  Every time I saw another baby I had this insane urge to want to go up to the parents and ask them if I could hold their child (never actually acting on the urge which is probably best because they would have thought I’d lost my mind). 

On the plane rides there and back I heard babies crying and I wanted to relieve the parents and walk up and down the aisle holding their baby for them (another urge I didn’t act on which probably would have been welcomed…haha).

It’s really the strangest thing, being away from your baby.

But as I guessed last week, the good times outweighed the “I miss her SO much” times.  I knew she was in great hands with Kiki & Gappy & Daddy (proven by the picture updates every hour).  I knew she was spending time with her favorite doggy friend in the whole world. And I knew she probably missed me a little bit too, but not enough to ruin her week. So knowing all of that, I enjoyed my week as well.

The weather in Atlanta was perfect (think 70-80 degrees with a bit of humidity).  The company was wonderful (luckily, my brother was on spring break from business school so we were able to golf together, eat lunches together, and sit on the screen porch eating wheat thins and cheeze-its together).  Heck, I even got to attend a sample sale at Carters where I found Abigail’s 18 month wardrobe at $2.00/piece. Ridiculous! I was able to read one and a half books. I read six magazines. I slept in. I ate slowly. I ordered french fries with every meal we ate out. I relaxed.

It was amazing.

And when it was time to head to the airport and travel back to San Francisco and back to my two babes, I couldn’t wait to get home to resume my role as Mommy.  Not just any Mommy…a refreshed Mommy. And while I sat on the couch watching this circus act, I couldn’t help but think that while my vacation was wonderful, it sure was great to be home!


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  1. chris sandman says:

    There is a reason you are happy back at home…the most adorable little girl 🙂
    She was a joy to have 🙂

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