Year 1 :: Project “Take Piggy to the Bank”

We’ve completed our project for Abby’s 1st birthday (over a month late…whoops!)!  Here was the game plan:

Take Piggy to the Bank

Step 1: Throw all loose change into Abigail’s piggy bank except for a few quarters for parking and laundry (gotta love living in San Francisco)

Step 2: Make sure Abigail’s watching and explain to her very simply what we’re doing (saving!)

Step 3: On Abigail’s birthday each year, Take Piggy to the Bank (literally…until, of course, it’s not cool anymore)!

Step 4: Deposit all change into Abigail’s account (which has officially been set up)

Step 5: Mommy & Daddy match Abigail’s savings!

As I mentioned yesterday, I counted all the money and prepped it for deposit (since taking the actual piggy-cow into the bank wasn’t acceptable).  Today, we finally set up Abigail’s first savings account (which she won’t have access to until she’s 18), we transferred the minimum amount into her account ($300.00), we deposited her stash, and then (as promised) Mommy and Daddy matched her savings.

So, how much did Abby save in her first year?


That’s more than double what I made selling “organic” plums at the age of 8 for an entire summer in our front yard (half of which I gave to my brother for keeping me company and “watching for cars…”).  Sheesh!

Add in Mommy and Daddy’s match of $120.52 and this little munchkin has $241.04 (and I’m ashamed to admit that I just used the computer’s calculator to check my addition…embarrassing).

Keep it up, little one…keep it up!


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4 Responses

  1. chris says:

    This is awesome! Way to be on top of college saving!
    Those plums were beautiful, you were adorable, and your brother, the tree top car watcher 🙂
    Love it!

  2. sarah p says:

    love that you were so ahead of the game on organic produce!!!!!!

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