A “Take Piggy to the Bank” Update

Remember when I told you about our new tradition that combined a cute piggy-cow bank, saving money, and a fun trip to the bank every year?  Well, operation “Take Piggy to the Bank” has taken a bit of a back seat to birthday parties, baby showers, mini me papers, and a variety of other things, but I’m here to tell you we’re making progress!

The sad part is that the last time I went to the bank, I asked them if I could bring the physical piggy to the bank and they looked at me like I had three eyes and handed me a stack of these:

Abby wondering what on earth these things are.

What happened to the bank being fun for little kids!?!  I remember when our bank used to hand out piggy banks and other fun saving tools…it’s definitely part of the reason why I loved saving money.

Anyway, that’s beside the point. The short answer is that no, I can’t bring the piggy to the bank.  I will, however, continue to call our little savings project “Take Piggy to the Bank.”

So this morning, I brought Abby’s piggy-cow into the kitchen, handed her a pile of change, and demonstrated where to put the coins.  She followed suit immediately and in no time, her piggy-cow was full (and therefore, ready to be emptied!).

She was so proud of herself:

Then while she was napping I emptied the piggy-cow, separated the coins (and cash which I totally forgot was in there…thanks to friends and family for your much appreciated donations to Abby’s savings account!), stacked them into the appropriate amounts, and filled those stupid little paper rollers.

I let the piggy-cow check my work

It’s amazing how much she’s already “saved” in her first year…an amount which I’ll share in my final “Take Piggy to the Bank” post.  I would have completed the project today but when we got to the bank, the sales associate asked for Abby’s SSN…whoops!  Maybe I should have that sucker memorized…grrrr…

Anyway, stay tuned!


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  1. chris says:

    Very fun and smart! Why did they get rid of the coin machines at the banks? GRRR 🙂

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