Today’s Treat: Frozen Yogurt

Today has been a great day.

Abby took a nice, long morning nap which allowed me to finalize and package four mini me papers.  When she woke up, she had lunch and then we walked down to the post office and sent the papers on their way.  Then we (okay, Mommy) decided it was the perfect day for a reward.  A little pat on the back, if you will, for all our hard work. With my sweet tooth in high gear the past few days, Abby and I walked straight into Yoppi, filled up our cup with cake batter and chocolate flavors, and hurried home to enjoy the delicious treat.

I was in heaven.

So was my little munchkin.

Yes, I gave her frozen yogurt (gasp!!!).  I’m one of those parents who actually allows their kids to enjoy sugar from time to time.  I believe in moderation, so while she eats very healthy most of the time, I’m more than happy to share a few bites of a special treat every once in a while.

I wonder if she’ll become a chocoholic like Mommy one day (if she isn’t already…).

Have a great day!


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