a Beautiful Baby Shower (and an EXTRA Beautiful Momma-to-Be)

Let me begin by saying that my sister-in-law looks incredible and is absolutely glowing.  Pregnancy looks amazing on her (not that I’m surprised at all because she’s beautiful and one of the most stylish ladies I know…she’s carried that style into her pregnancy and I’m jealous considering I wore the same pants almost every day during my pregnancy!  But I digress…).

This past weekend while we were down in the LA area for my cousin’s wedding (which was also absolutely beautiful), we were also able to celebrate the upcoming birth of Baby Girl (her official name until she joins the world) and Baby Girl’s beautiful Momma-to-be…this gorgeous gal:

Thanks to some help from Pinterest, brainstorming for this long distance baby shower went amazingly well!  My sister-in-law requested a tea party shower and we ran with it from there.  I enlisted the help of my little Momma, my fabulous Aunt Lynn (who enlisted the help of her wonderful friend Carol who made the decor look beautiful), and Abigail (just kidding…but I’m happy to say she wasn’t too much of a menace thanks to all my other family members – Dana! – for watching her while we took care of last minute details).

Overall, I must say this baby shower was a true success.  The games were fun and interactive (we played “Never Say Baby,” “Guess the Baby Picture,” and I had people fill in “Wishes for Baby”), the food was delicious (thanks again to Aunt Lynn…I’m still dreaming of those Cheddar Scones!), the tea was scrumptious, and the guests were perfect.

any guesses as to which baby is baby ali?

can you guess which one is baby Malinda?

Malinda, we love you so much and we are already madly in love with Baby Girl.  We can’t wait to meet her in May and as you already know, I’m SO thrilled to be an Aunt (woohoo!).


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3 Responses

  1. Malinda says:

    Thanks to a very dedicated, talented sister!! You, Little Momma, Carol and Aunt Lynn could become professional party planners :). Thank you so much for my special day.

    Love you,
    Baby Girl’s Momma-to-Be

  2. chris says:

    What a very special baby shower!
    So looking forward to baby girl’s arrival 🙂
    Awwww, the family just keeps growing 🙂 🙂 🙂

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