Flying Alone

February 23, 2012

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Okay, so I won’t be totally alone.  I’ll have Abigail.  My extremely energetic, can’t-sit-still, become-friends-with-everyone, hilarious 1 year old.

Am I nervous to fly alone?

A little bit.

I’m not so much worried about the flight (we’re only hopping down to LA for the weekend to celebrate a wedding and a baby shower – yay!), but I am worried about lugging all our crap (I mean luggage) around the airport.  Eeeek!  But as 7x7xDaddy keeps reminding me, I’ll get to check most of the luggage upon arrival at the airport.

Deep breaths. I can do it.

The good thing is that this little lady is my best bud and she would never to anything to make my life difficult or challenging…

Never…look at this innocent face.

And with that, I hope you all know I’m being 100% sarcastic. I’m setting my expectations low this time.  Today is going to be a challenge. My patience will be tested. Abigail will probably run away from me at least 3 times in the airport and while I’m never supposed to leave my bags “unattended,” I may have to break that rule to chase her down.

On the flight, she’ll probably shake the chair in front of her which will stress me out and frustrate whoever that poor passenger is.  Then that passenger will probably turn around and give me a mean look and all I’ll be able to do is apologize and hope that Abigail flashes one of her “you can’t be mad at this face” smiles.

Despite my best efforts to pack a variety of snacks, she’ll probably throw most of them on the floor and continually search for the next best thing.  She’ll insist to drink out of my small airplane water cup (spilling most of it without a doubt) instead of enjoying perfectly yummy water from her sippy cup.

To top everything off, she’ll probably poop mid-flight (because that’s what she does) and begin to stink up the entire cabin before I get a chance to escape my seat (which I’m truly hoping is not in the middle of two disgruntled passengers…but you never know when you’re flying Southwest!) and change her diaper.

I know we’ll make it to LA. That I can be certain of.

It’s everything that happens from SF to LA that makes me a little nervous.

Wish me luck, friends!  I’ll be back with an update next week (that is, if we survive!).

:) 7x7xMommy

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2 Comments on “Flying Alone”

  1. chris Says:

    She is just way too cute!

    Be sure to stick her flying wings on…she is a pro flyer!



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