Planning a Party + Pinterest = a Less Stressed Planner

January 12, 2012

Kids, Life, Milestones

Thanks to a few of my friends for introducing me to Pinterest a couple months back, I am now feeling a little more confident about the two parties I’m currently planning (Abigail’s 1st Birthday Party and my lovely sister-in-law’s Baby Shower).Β  There are ideas on there I never would have thought of in a million bagillion years. Ideas I actually find inspiring.Β  Ideas I intend to execute.

For example…

I will make something similar to this for Abigail’s birthday (thank you, Panda Reports!):

I will take a photo like this on Abigail’s 1st birthday (note to self: invest in chalkboard and don’t forget balloons!!!):

I will execute an idea like this for my sister-in-law’s baby shower because I think it’s sweet and sentimental:

And while I’ll probably never consider myself an amazing party planner, I must say this is the most confident I’ve felt about planning a party in a while (other than my Wedding which in my humble opinion was one of the best parties ever!!!).

If you have any other brilliant(ly simple) ideas for me and/or inspirations from Pinterest to share with me for these two events, I’m all ears!




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