When 2 Naps Become 1 (!?!)

I’m not totally convinced we’ve come to this stage in Abby’s life yet, but we’re definitely getting closer and closer to settling on one nap a day. In the past week or week and a half, she has shown little interest in her usual 9:00am – 11:00am nap.  Instead, she naps from approximately 10:30am – 1:00pm.  After that nap, she’s awake until she goes to bed around 8:30pm (skipping her usual 2:00pm – 3:00pm all together).

I was under the impression that this transition doesn’t typically happen until 15 – 18 months of age…???

I’m not complaining because after only taking one long nap yesterday, she slept from 8:30pm – 7:30am this morning (after several days/nights of not sleeping well because she had a cough/cold).  7x7xDaddy and I needed that sleep just as much as she did!

The funniest/most confusing part now is the fact that after sleeping 11 hours last night, she just went down for her 9:00am nap without any hesitation.  And she was looking forward to it (grabbing her blanky, rubbing her eyes, etc).  I can’t help but scratch my head.

So here’s my question: is there a transition time between 2 naps and 1 nap where kids take 2 nap some days and 1 nap other days and eventually settle on 1 nap???   When did your kids start taking only 1 nap?



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4 Responses

  1. Anina Duren says:

    YES! I found the transition from two to one to be the hardest. There is a long period where they are in between needs. Two naps is too much but one nap isn’t enough. We did the back and forth depending on the day and their moods for months. Finally they just stopped needing the two nap days and we settled into one. But they started transitioning at about a year and were done around 18 months. Good luck!

    • 7x7xMommy says:

      Thanks, Nina – that’s super helpful! I think the most important thing for me to remind myself is that the change isn’t going to happen over night. 🙂 After her two “normal naps” yesterday, she ended up having a rough night’s sleep last night…it’s such a mystery! haha

  2. SarahP says:

    Both of my boys went to one nap right around a year. Lulu is pretty much down to one nap, too. I don’t mind it so much because it opens up our morning more. She’s up about 8, then naps from about 1245-3 then bed about 8-8:30.

    • 7x7xMommy says:

      Ya, I like that when this new schedule is figured out I won’t be stuck to the apartment until 11:00am every day!!! There’s always a bright side to these changes, right? 🙂

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