Times are Changing (traveling with a 9.5 month old)

Times are changing.

Gone are the days where Abigail would sleep 4 hours straight in the car and where driving down to San Luis Obispo was just that…a 4 hour drive.  Gone are the days where she would sit peacefully in one spot playing with a few toys while we chatted and caught up on life.

Yes, times are changing.

Kiki and I drove to San Luis Obispo with Abigail on Monday and it took 6 hours. She slept for the first 2 (it was nap time anyway) and wanted nothing to do with sitting in her car seat for the next 4…if my calculations are correct, we stopped 4 times to let her “stretch her legs”…oh, and indulge with a little soft serve from McDonald’s around 9:30am (according to Kiki, “that’s what grandparents are for”).

Seriously, times are changing.

And while some activities are becoming more challenging, most activities are becoming more amazing. The days of Abigail making discoveries, learning how everything works, and letting her amazing personality shine through are JUST beginning.  Let me tell you something…every day I am more in awe of her and increasingly proud that Travis and I brought her into this world.

Times are certainly changing.

And with these changes come some wonderful experiences…

On this trip, she met a horse:

She learned how to navigate a staircase (this was her first attempt):

She decided that her left foot (and her left foot only) didn’t like the feeling of grass:

And for the 4th (or 5th?  Mommy brain…) time in 9.5 months, she was able to spend quality time with her Great-Grandparents:

Let’s just say it was well worth the 6  hour drive…


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  1. Chris says:

    It was an active and wonderful trip!

  1. November 22, 2011

    […] hours to drive to SLO (which should be a 4 hour […]

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