Friday Finds (5)

October 14, 2011

Kids, Mommy Fitness

If you’re looking for the perfect ugly Christmas sweater, look no further
(yes, I’m already planning for Christmas)

We’re thrilled to take Abigail here this weekend
(fingers crossed there’s not too much traffic)


7x7xDaddy’s Birthday is on Sunday – this is where we’re going to dinner on Saturday night
(thanks to KiKi & Gappy for being on overnight baby duty – we’re looking forward to date night!)


Stay Fit Mommy agrees with this
(and will be writing more about it later…walk, walk and walk some more!)


Loving these for Abigail
(and they’re on sale!)


I really like this as a gift for new Moms
(push present material, maybe?)

Stay tuned for more Friday Finds next week and have a fabulous weekend!

Did you find anything fun this week?

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3 Comments on “Friday Finds (5)”

  1. Megan B.B. Says:

    Ugh! So jealous about the pumpkin festival! I want to go SOOOO bad! But Eli doesn’t like the idea of me being so far “Advanced” into labor signs, and being 2 hours away from the hospital with the chance of terrible traffic.
    Eat lots of pumpkin flavored things for me!!!!!!


    • 7x7xMommy Says:

      Ok Megan…the Pumpkin Festival wasn’t as amazing as I thought it was going to be…but then again, I was hoping there would be a HUGE pumpkin patch and it was more art focused (which I’d normally enjoy, but not yesterday). We ended up finding a stand alone pumpkin patch that worked out perfectly! :) PS – it’s better you guys didn’t go…there was a TON of traffic!



  1. Pumpkin Patch Palooza | 7x7xMommy - October 20, 2011

    […] I mentioned on Friday, 7x7xDaddy and I took our little pumpkin to her very first pumpkin patch this weekend.  And oooooh […]

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