Mommy Fitness: Benefits of a Yoga Mat

As a pregnant woman and/or a new Mommy, getting a workout in every day can be tough (and I’m sure some people are reading this thinking it’s also “impossible”). Well, I think it is possible thanks to my yoga mat and my loose definition of what a “workout” is.

Truth be told, I’ve never done yoga in my life but I use my yoga mat on a daily basis (minus my day off, of course).  The best part is that it’s not a huge investment (I picked mine up at Marshalls for under $10.00 – here’s one at Target for under $20.00 – you don’t need anything fancy, just something to remind you to get on the floor and try an activity).

Here are some of  my favorite Yoga Mat Activities:

  1. Crunches/Sit-Ups
  2. Pushups
  3. Stretching (see, I have a loose definition of what a workout is)
  4. Pop in a workout DVD (I love Pilates)
  5. Entertain your child…

And while some of these activities may not seem like much of a “workout,” I know that if I don’t get my walk in or go to the gym or play some basketball, I can always get my yoga mat out and do something.  And remember…something is always better than nothing!

Bonus Points: Use your mat workout as a teaching activity as well…Abigail loves playing on the ground while I do crunches and I count out loud (1-50) – she’s watching and listening (and hopefully learning) at the same time.

What are other mat activities you enjoy doing!?!  I’m always looking for new ideas!


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6 Responses

  1. February 5, 2012

    […] activity I get (other than lifting my daughter off the ground countless times) is by pulling out my yoga mat and doing some crunches and push-ups (or actual yoga moves). And guess what? I’ve never taken a […]

  2. April 27, 2012

    […] ramping up my at-home free weight and ab routine on my yoga mat (which I haven’t made time for in the past 3 months but I know how important it is).  My […]

  3. May 23, 2013

    […] was forced to find a new routine. I got my exercise in by walking everywhere with the girls and by utilizing my yoga mat and 5 pound weights in my living […]

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